Growler Car Seat Protects Your Most Important Passengers

When it comes to safely transporting an infant or toddler in a car there are hundreds of elaborately designed car seats to choose from. But when it comes to safely getting a trio of newborn growler bottles home from a brewery, you're expected to just toss them in you trunk and hope for the best. Well thanks to the Growler On Board, that no longer has to be the case.

Also referred to as the Beer Transport Unit — or BTU for short — the koozie-like foam support holds up to three bottles in a vertical orientation so there's less risk of them bouncing around, colliding with each other, or spilling. And while the $US30 BTU is just as effective when placed on the floor or in the trunk of your car, for maximum safety you can even buckle it into the front seat. After all, you'd never think of throwing your kids in the trunk, would you? So why would you put your even more fragile microbrews at risk?

[Growler On Board via Cool Material]



    Please, I'm sure that this is funny stuff, and it is, but I wish you lot would stop spruiking stuff you can't actually buy in Australia.

      You crazy? I'd leave the country just to get one of these! No contest!

    I have always found the baby seat itself perfect. Bit of a problem when the kids are in the car though... :P
    Ok, ok, before the trolls come out, yes, the kids win out over the beer ;)

    WTF ia a growler? Some US thing we don't get here? How about Aussie sites have Aussie content.

      we have them up in port stephens, at murrays brewery, it is the best way to drink beer.

      You can get growlers and have them refilled at Slow Beer shops around Melbourne

      Buy from a bottle-o other than Dan Murphys and BWS and maybe you'll find out what they are...

    Guys, growler fills are just what was once flaggin culture in ANZ. You can do it at a bar or some bottle shops. If you happen to live in Perth I can fill you one with various beers at The International Beer Shop. In Melbourne go to Slow Beer.

    ...but forget Sydney. Besides Murrays it is a beer desert.

      you obviously don't know where to drink in SYD. Murrays (mentioned), 4 Pines, Steyne hotel has Ekim Pale ale, Harts hotel, Lord Nelson, Local Taphouse, Redoak,

        I'll admit that I got rather jolly at the Taphouse yesterday. Top notch cider, even better ale.

        As compared to Perth and Melbourne. It should have no excuse seeing how large Sydney is; although it has gotten better in the last two/three years. Brisbane is in a different category of desert and I can't speak for Adelaide but hear it's difficult to buy craft beer retail.

        4 Pines, Murray's and Steyne are both way out in Manly. Local Taphouse is the one of the only ones to offer a very wide range of styles on premises, and that still is a shit to get to even when you're walking around the CBD. Redoak wins a lot of awards but there always seems to be a fault in something they have whilst I'm there. I do enjoy Lord Nelson and Harts but both are a bit pedestrian.

        And let's not even talk about boutique bottle shops because we get a lot of customers buying from IBS interstate. Most of that business from Sydney.

    Oh, and check The Crafty Pint for those bars that will pour into growlers. A bit behind in updates but a good start.

    Stop your whinging. A lot of good things have come to this country because others like the good people at Gizmodo have brought attention to them. Growlers are an amazing (real) beer transportation device. I imagine you've heard of the Google? Google up an image of a growler from the Alpine Beer Company, or Stone Brewing.

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