Google Says It Hasn't Submitted A New Maps App For iOS Yet

Last week, sources at Google suggested that a new Maps app for iOS might arrive "before Christmas". Now, the company's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, has confirmed to Reuters that Google has not yet submitted a new Maps app to Apple.

Speaking after a Tokyo-based Nexus 7 event, Schmidt denied rumours suggesting Google already has an app ready for iOS 6. Instead, he said that the company has "not done anything yet".

Given the time usually required to get an app through Apple's approval process, iOS 6 users are definitely in for a wait before they get Google's own app on their iDevices. Christmas may turn out to be a realistic timeframe after all. [Reuters]


    I'm not sure why Google would rush to support a product in direct competition with its own platform, especially when the company producing said product has sued android manufacturers for everything they've got.

      I agree, it would make more sense for Google not to make an app and then the iOS6 users who are truly annoyed with apple about their maps might ditch their iPhones for an Android.

      Dave, I could not agree more. With all the negative press that Apple Maps is getting right now, that can only work in Google's favour. Any delay in releasing G Maps may have people think twice about iOS as a platform and start looking to other options such as Windows Phone 8 and Android. It is all in the timing.

        People don't care that Apple's maps app is poor. They are buying the iphone 5 as fast as Apple can make them. They are updating to iOS 6 at some unprecedented rate. It may have an affect in the long term but not in the short term (all the blogs wax lyrically about every aspect of the new phone).

        I guess they assume that Apple with fix the app sooner rather than later.

      Agree, and on top of that... it has given Google the freedom to actually (if ever going to submit the app to Apple) put a price tag to their Google Map in iOS 6. and the ability to charge a higher price, considering the high demand they got for it.

      The reason it makes sense to have it on iOS is the same reason the android source is free. it's a way for google to get people going down their ad revenue pipes and not anyone else's. Google is about marketshare, that's why android has it, and if they can extend their maps marketshare to 95% of the smartphone market, you can bet they will try. Google doesn't care too much about android, but moreso about having the most efficient pipe to serve ads.

    "Don't be evil" that's why

    You know Google and Apple are actually closer aligned than most competing industries. Google has been very open - it is what the "android manufacturers" are doing. History for open source "me too" stories - most of the open source stuff tries to emulate "the market leader" unix/Linux is a good example. Just look at how many "look and feel" like windows. Google and Apple are competitive and successful - with different models. And there is quite a bit of staff movement. It is about the basic originality. Don't confuse Samsungs woes with Google Android and Apple OS. Is Google suing Apple or vise versa ? In 18 months MS Windows phone will have a market share and the landscape wiill shift like a seatide.

    You will see Google maps and products on the IPhone. Do you worry about the big picture.

    Google, don't release it. Let them get lost and suffer please :)

    5 Million devices in one weekend that aren't using Google maps. Google makes their money from ads, and the better they can target those ads the more money they will make. I think Google will bring out maps on iOS because they want back that stream of valuable data they lost.

    ^This. Besides, the division of Google that handles the mapping will be separate from the hardware division - they have different objectives. Right now it will be killing them that there are - not 5 million - that's just the iPhone 5 - but tens of millions (anyone who has updated to iOS 6) of their former app users who are no longer using their app. If you think that Google doesn't care about losing the revenue stream from tens of millions of users just so they can 'stick it to Apple' you are absolutely kidding yourselves.

      You are right, I didn't include the older devices now running iOS6.

    Apple has the balls to say that Google rips off Apple's software.....then releases Apple Maps? Even the name is a rip off. Why not iMaps?


      Really. The name is a rip off?

      Well let me show you this app the have called "phone".

      Additionally. Google supplied the data, apple made the app.

    Didnt tom tom supply that data?

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