Google Buys Instagram Competitor -- And It's One Of Apple's Favourite Apps

Google has just made a big photo buy -- it has acquired Nik Software, which is the company behind iOS app Snapseed and other image software. It's a big boost to Google's picture-editing capabilities, although Facebook and Instagram are probably not freaking out so much as definitely listening to this news.

Snapseed isn't nearly as popular as Instagram, but people use the two apps similarly. Now, Google has something in its arsenal it can use to take on the Facebook/Instagram cartel as well as Apple's cadre of photo-editing offerings. And if anyone cares, it might mean image editing is coming to Google+. Snapseed, which was Apple's 2011 iPad App of the Year, isn't going anywhere -- in fact, the first order of business will be to finally get a Snapseed Android app in Google Play. Let's just hope Google doesn't have any plans to screw it up. [Nik Software via The Verge]


    Google have a good history of buying these sorts of companies and ruining them.

    I'm having trouble thinking of a success besides Youtube.

      hahaha.... youtube... a success..... yeah, right. Its the most disgusting place on the internet.

        thats your problem with other people, not a problem with youtube

      Financially, Google made no money on Youtube. Hence the reason why you see ads popping up in almost every video you watch.

        Umm... They bought Youtube so they could put adds all over the place and make a bucketload of money?

        I'm a little confused by your comment... If they weren't going to put adds everywhere, why would they have bought it?

          I've also heard that they make no money from YouTube. I think the problem is that 24 hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube every second, so Google need to spend a lot of money on their servers and storage. The ads just help pay for that.

          Why do they own it, then? No idea. They're probably trying to own as much of the internet as possible.

    Agreed dkNigs, I've uninstalled Snapseed already

      that'll show 'em

        Hahaha, +1

        Why would you already uninstall the app when nothing's changed? Google might change it down the track, but that doesn't affect the current app in any way.

          Actually I've never found it to be much use, and now that the evil empire owns the mother company, I'll pass, google has enough info on me already, I don't feel like giving them even more for free

    dammit. Nik software for Photoshop was my little secret software,

      same ... hope it will stay ...
      mean while I think im just gone get last version since the next one might never be comming :-\

    Dam it, I liked Snapseed. I find my self using it more then LR.

    Great piece of software. Let's hope it becomes multi platform.

    I do likes my Google and aren't ashamed to admit it, but I wasn't happy with their purchase of Picnik. Sure it was neat having photo editing stuff integrated into Google Plus, but the CMS I run uses Picnik for editing (which clients love) and when it shut down, the CMS makers had to scramble to find another image editing "suite" to replace it.

    I don't use Snapseed (staying away from those "vintage" filters, as they're a bit like Comic Sans to me) but I really do hope that the article is true and they don't just close off the apps and fold it all into Google+

    Why is everyone talking about doomsday stories when nothing has happened yet?
    Google haven't made any comment yet.

    Calm down guys - have a glass of water and concentrate on your breathing....


      Nothing has changed yet.... at all.

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