Gojee: Make A Meal Out Of Pantry Scraps

Gojee: Make A Meal Out Of Pantry Scraps

You can get stuck in a rut in the kitchen where you end up making the same boring dishes night after night. If you find yourself in this position, Gojee will save your from culinary boredom.

What does it do?

It offers up different recipes for drinks or food based on either what you’re craving or what ingredients you have on-hand.

Why do we like it?
For all the times I have bemoaned having a kitchen full of random ingredients that don’t go together, I could have used Gojee. I have literally wished for something like this to exist for ages. It has a feature that lets you input what items you have laying around, and it will suggest recipes based on the contents of your barebones pantry. Or if you’re craving a particular food — like pork — it will give you suggestions for recipes pulled from around 200 of the best food blogs.


Download this app for: iOS/Android (free)
The best: get recipes for food you already have
The worst: ugly logo