Get Some Wag In Your Step With This Mind-Reading Cat Tail Gadget

Neurowear make some awesome stuff, like the Necomini headset that reads your emotions and displays them by moving your cat ears about. Still on the feline fixation, the company is moving from your head down to your tail with a gadget that can represent your emotions through an animatronic tail attachment. Yes, really.

Neurowear's tail reads your mood, much like the Necomini cat ears do, and reflects it by wagging.

It communicates with an app that records your mood and broadcasts it out via your social network. You can also look at a map of places other people found relaxing and journey there to find your own "inner peace".

I actually think the Necomini ears are awesome, but I could never get away with wearing them. The tail, doubly so. Any of you cat people keen on this new tail attachment? [io9]

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