Get Paid To Queue Up For The iPhone 5 In Sydney

Being a fanboy is tough. You have to queue up outside a store for days on end just so you can be the first one in line to get your hands on sweet techie goodness. The same is true with every iPhone launch. Why not do what Chris is doing, and pay someone to queue up for you?

Airtasker is a service that lets you post a chore you want outsourced onto the site so people can bid on it. Say for example you need something delivered/brought to you, or you need someone to mow the lawn while you play Xbox. That's what Airtasker is for.

Last year, it was successfully used to get someone to stand in line for the iPhone 4S for a whole week for a fee, and now it's being used the same way once again.

Chris F is the crazy cat behind the Airtasker offer. Here's his proposal:

Queue up for the iPhone 5

The new iPhone is here and I can’t wait to get one!

To make sure I don’t miss out and end up waiting for months, I need someone to line up really early outside the Apple Store in Sydney.

If you are assigned you'll need to line up outside the Apple store at 7am sharp, then give me a buzz when you are at the front of the queue so I can rock up and purchase the iPhone5.

Currently, the bid stands at $80. I don't know what Chris is thinking, but he'll need a bit more dough to get this off the ground, especially if someone is going to be waiting for a few days.

Would you get paid to wait on someone else's behalf? [Airtasker]

Image: Alex Choi

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