Fitmodo Diaries: The Virtues Of A Cheat Day

Fitmodo Diaries: The Virtues Of A Cheat Day

I’ve been doing Fitmodo for a few weeks now, and the cravings are worse than ever. Bad food calls out to me from the confectionary aisle of every supermarket and service outlet I pass. Sometimes the cravings get a bit too much, and that day becomes a cheat day. Is it wise to have a cheat day?

The problem I find with a cheat day is that it means giving into your urges, making any sort of willpower you built up during your fitness period drift away in a matter of seconds. Then you set a precedent for yourself where your stomach tells your mind that junk food is ok again. It’s a slippery slope.

On the other hand, perhaps you need a regimented cheat day each week to stop yourself going mad?

What are your thoughts on this? Should you have a cheat day?

Image: Marlon Hammes