Fitmodo Diaries: Gadget Fatigue

Fitmodo Diaries: Gadget Fatigue

Getting motivated to workout for me is as easy as looking in the mirror and seeing that I have work to do. Tracking what I’m doing is how I tell myself that it’s actually worth it when I can’t see results immediately, but there comes a time when there are just too many gadgets to manage. I’m calling it gadget fatigue, and I’ve got it right now.

Gadget fatigue refers to the feeling you get when it’s just a drag to update your various calculators, fitness monitors, charts and tables, so much so that you neglect it.

When you start neglecting your statistics, you lose sight of the goal, and when I do that, I start cheating. I cheat with my food, I cheat with my exercise and I cheat with my sleeping patterns, simply because I don’t have cold hard numbers telling me to stay on the road less travelled.

There’s not an easy way to get over gadget fatigue, because it means getting back on the horse with your regime. What you need to do — and fast — is identify one or two trackers, gadgets or apps that work for you and start using them straight away. Not tomorrow or next Monday, but right after you read this sentence.

By simplifying you’re tracking, you’ll be saving yourself extra work after you’ve been to the gym and you’ll ensure that you’re staying on the path to fitmodo success.

Have you ever experienced gadget fatigue?

Image: FlackJacket2010