Facebook Is Now Recording Everyone You Stalk

Do you like looking at the profiles of people you don't know that well on Facebook? Of course you do, because we're all sick and it's fun. One wrinkle: there's now a list of everything you search for on FB.

Starting today, Facebook says:

In addition to your other activity, you'll be able to see the searches you're making on Facebook. Just as you can choose to delete any of your posts, you can use the same inline control on Activity Log to remove any of your searches at any time. It's important to remember that no one else can see your Activity Log, including your search activity.

That last part is important: this is information that's only accesible by you (and Facebook). It's also not retroactive, because that would give the entire Internet a simultaneous panic attack. But if you've got something to hide, just make sure nobody sees that list -- or delete your search history, which is an easy option. But it's an option you'll have to keep tabs on atop the rest of your incriminating search history. This stuff is starting to pile up! [Facebook]

Note: the above screenshot was prepared by a Gizmodo intern. I do not obsessively search for myself on Facebook.



    I do not obsessively search for myself on Facebook.
    Ooooh. Awkward... I obsessively search for you... is that... cool with you?

    Am I the only one with enough sense not to use this rubbish

    "It’s important to remember that no one else can see your Activity Log, including your search activity."

    In other words: "It's private, no one else can see it, for now, once your comfortable with that we will then let people see who is searching/viewing their profile and then let any of your friends see who you viewing/searching for. "

    DEACTIVATE!!!! No one needs to know how much I facebook stalk people...

      Honestly that will never happen. Its not because Facebook gives a sh#t about your privacy, it would turn away 90% of the user base. As the Author has stated allot of people have a sneaky look on other peoples profiles weather they be good friends or acquaintance, we all do it. Its just human nature to want to know what everyone else is doing, especially with out them knowing. that is what makes facebook so popular. If everyone could see each other habits we would look like the insecure, creepy floored individuals that we are. No one wants to look like a stalker so everyone one would be on best behavior. Hours devoted to looking at strangers pages would be no more, which means less money being made from advertising. Its just crazy to think Facebook would actually shoot themselves in the foot, their not that stupid.

        You make it sound like we're not supposed to look at other people's profiles on Facebook. Profiles are there to be looked at! If someone adds you on Facebook they know full well that you can view their profile.

        It's your significant other that would be more curious/concerned about your Activity Log.....

    This is not a bad thing, it'll be possible to use this in cases involving people stalking etc, harassment. I have no issue with this.

      ahem "stalking", looking at someones profile is not stalking.

        The following SQL statement could be used by detectives building a list of suspects for a homicide case: "SELECT * FROM USERS WHERE SEARCHHISTORY CONTAINS 'VICTIMS NAME'"

    FB already knows all this anyway, that's why you get suggested friends you don't know...

    "and now my boyfriends facebook password is something that I used to know"

    Yeah okay, but.... why?? Why?!?!?!

    I am FB free for more than a year now. So it does not worry me.

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