Everything You Need To Not Stink Up The iPhone 5 Line

Everything You Need To Not Stink Up The iPhone 5 Line

You’re excited to get your hands on the new iPhone 5, but at what cost? If you missed out on pre-orders and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars scoring an early unit on eBay, your only recourse is to find a line and start waiting.

When you’re away from your home (and your bathroom) for such a prolonged period, there’s a good chance your personal hygiene is going to take a hit. But why should it? Here’s everything you need to not stink up the iPhone 5 line and make it to Friday without being ostracised by your fellow iPhone devotees.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Did you know you can wash your hair without ever getting it wet? Unless your local Apple store is near a water fountain, you’ll want to grab a can of Batiste’s sprayable dry shampoo. It’s basically soap flakes that absorb oils and dirt as you comb out your hair, but afterwards you don’t need a towel or a hair dryer. $US7. [clear]

Philips Norelco QS6160/50 StyleRazor Pro

If you can grow a five o’clock shadow by 11 in the morning, bringing along a rechargeable electric razor isn’t a bad idea. The last thing you want is a long beard full of rotting food come Friday morning, and this particular model features a shaver on one end and a trimmer on the other so you only need to keep a single device charged. $US100. [clear]

De Odor Works Stainless Steel Deodorant

If you think you’re going to be stuck in the same outfit for three days, you’ll be surprised how much deodorant you’ll go through battling the stink. So avoid spending a small fortune on Right Guard with this stainless metal steel bar that reacts with tap water to wipe out the bacteria that causes the stink in the first place. $US30. [clear]

Hygienna Solo Portable Bidet

Unless you’re in a shopping centre with understanding security guards, finding access to a clean bathroom could be difficult during your wait. And if you find yourself having to use less than scrupulous facilities with no toilet paper, you’ll thank yourself for bringing along this specially designed spout that turns any water bottle into a portable bidet. $US10. [clear]

30-Second Electric Toothbrush

Time is the one thing you’ll have in abundance during your self-imposed exile from home, but you’ll want to keep yourself always ready for the inevitable media interviews. So this electric toothbrush features a double-sided design that promises a proper brushing in a mere 30 seconds, and up to 60 uses per charge. $US100.[clear]

Portable UV Disinfecting Scanner

The main source of stink is the bacteria and other microscopic creepy crawlies that make themselves at home all over your body. So you can battle back with this portable UV wand that promises to wipe them out, keeping everything from your t-shirt to your shoes smelling moderately acceptable until you can get home and shower again. $US80. [clear]

Flat-D Flatulence Deodorising Pads

A week of dining on fast food isn’t going to do your digestive system any favours. And since walking away from the line to deal with gas could jeopardise your spot, consider these deodorising pads that attach to your briefs and neutralise odours. They look uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as the disgusted looks from others in line. $US15. [clear]

Image: Seth Wenig/Associated Press