Eating Rice Oozed From A Tube Sounds Efficient And Delicious

Taking some inspiration from the sucker-in-a-sleeve known as a Push Pop, Takara Tomy's Smart Han bento lunchbox lets busy office drones enjoy sticky rice lunch extruded from a large tube. It's not unlike the Sushi Bazooka, except that this contraption is designed to pump the food directly into your mouth.

A screw on cap keeps your lunch fresh and moist until you're ready to dine, and a small container attached to the bottom holds dressing and other seasonings. You don't have to cram all that rice into a small opening, though. This is no muzzle-loader. The $US26 Smart Han splits open lengthwise, so it's easy to fill with whatever you can imagine eating from a tube -- mashed potatoes, lumpy oatmeal, whatever. The only limit is your imagination and gag reflex.

[Japan Trend Shop via ChipChick]


    if only you could bake things in that id buy it right now....what am i saying ill buy it anyway.

    The packaging says "Hand job!"

    How very awkward.


    Lol to be used at coaching school.

    It's like an edible lightsabre!

    Is that a nard in the container at the end of the video?

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