Does Your New iPhone 5 Scratch Easily?

So, you've got the new iPhone. You've been downloading apps all weekend. It's a joy to use. But we're hearing reports that the latest iPhone picks up scratches faster than data flows through its new Lightning connector.

Some folks are saying that their phones have picked up plenty of scratches on the back and sides after just one weekend. Others are even claiming that there are scratches on the handset straight out of the box, lurking beneath the protective film wrapper.

Was your new phone already scratched out of the box? Is it picking up damage more easily than your previous phone? Let us know! [Forbes]


    mine was scratch out of the box, took it back and they gave me a new one

      No wonder they are sold out with a return rate like that >_

    Sum 1 been playn hand set ops sorry I ment hand ball

    Is it just my imagination, or is there just as many bad thins about this silly peice of fruit as there are good.?

      Exactly, you can forgive apple for taking baby steps when they release a solid product. but the iPhone5 is a joke. I've even heard reports of the paint flaking off the back of the phone.
      -new case, scratches and chips very easily - often out of the box
      -iOS6 is riddled with bugs, reports of contacts being deleted, speakers on iphone4s's not working
      -Apple maps is so its dangerous
      -battery life is rubbish under normal use
      all this from a phone that was a small incremental update.

        It's anodised, it CAN'T be 'paint flaking off' because the metal itself is physically recoloured. You're a liar or you're being lied too. I presume the former.

          Believe everything you read, eh?

          Calling someone a liar behind an avatar, even if it is a cat, is kind of lame. The dude may be mistaken or ill informed, it doesn't warrant calling him a liar.

          ouch, I read it on the front page of

          also, Will, you're wrong about anodising, the metal itself is not physically recoloured, its a film layer that applied to the metal. it doesn't tend to flake off like paint does but if the process is flawed it can become brittle.

          the anodising does coat the metal but also an actual layer of the metal itself, think of a honeycomb, is pierced at a minuscule level and every hollow 'comb' is filled with ionised ink colour that sets in the metal, giving it both a colour and a metallic sheen .
          The thing is, and this happened with anything anodised eg. the old iPod minis/nano/etc, edges and hard curves can chip easier and, if the colour layer is thin enough, the colour can flake off, leaving just the unpierced metal underneath.
          So it can happen, but the flakes would be very small, millimeters in size.
          You are right, it would not be an actual paint layer flaking off, but the dipped metal layer is perhaps being damaged.

    Quick, someone, tell us again why a metal back is so much better than a plastic one :-)

    Stainless steel is said to improve in looks as it ages. Alas the same can't be said for aluminium .

    Mine is still in mint condition with no scratches w/ a case.

    Yep, it scratches amazingly easily. Especially the thin black polished strip around the edges. I had several scratches mine by the time I got it home (it had only been in my pocket with nothing else) and my girlfriends one was quite badly scratched after a stint in the handbag.

    Got cases the very next day, which is a pity as I actually thought this one would be hardier without glass on the back. Anodised aluminium works on a MacBook, but, you tend not to put those in your pocket!

      Man o man, the very original back in 2007 didn't scratch this easily... iFAIL

        Actually, have you seen the original recently? A lot of them are dented. The problem is that aluminium simply isn't that tough, it's chosen for its lightness, not durability.

    My Mozart (which i have had from the beginning) has no scratches on the body at all. And i dont have a case for it.

    There are one or two slight scratches on the glass however.

    I guess phones are not made like they used to be.

    or at least Apple phones.

    Hey , it's a feature, don't you know.
    When you follow the map, which will most probably end up in you getting horribly lost in some remote desert, you can scratch a last message to your loved ones...right on your phone !!
    How cool is that ?
    Bet they have already patented it and call it the iScratch feature.

    I had my iPhone 5 replaced on the spot twice after discovering dust underneath the screen and a scratch on the slate. I'm thinking about replacing this one because it goes through the battery like nothing especially on LTE and it get fairly warm..

      Did you ever think its just poor design that it goes though the battery quick?

    Plastic is much better isnt it?

      Seems like it. Sony Xperia P here, bought around the time it was reviewed on this side. Not a single scratch. No case (like I could find one...), but I do have a cut-to-size one which is dog-earing a little.

        One = screen protector -_-
        Zoned out on the bus...

    Havent been using a case for 4 days and no scratches absolutely anywhere... I am very meticulous with my technology and have been around the city and to the beach and back a few times so its not like its stayed at home. It sounds like everybody is getting different phones ?!

      Black or White?


          I'll let Macauley Culkin explain.

        I don't think the colour of Andrew's skin is really relevant.

          lol, to paraphrase the late Michael Jackson - It doesn't matter if Andrew is black or white, but it does matter what colour his iPhone 5 is because the reports of scuffing seem to vary between the two device colours.

            To clarify, my skin colour is irrelevant but my phone is black haha.


    Double comment posting. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Just buy yourself a case.....that'll be another $37 thanks :)

    Nope I have not had any scratches, but why the big deal anyway. My old iPhone 3 had scratches didn't stop it working. I seen plenty of YouTube video comparing the SGIII to the iPhone 5.

    And it really impressive the way the SGIII is destroyed while the iPhone keeps on going with only a few scratches. One test showed the iPhone still working even after a swim in a pool.

    Buy a case from EDGE Design they're awesome

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