Does A Vest Beat Straps On A Backpack?

A sturdy set of padded comfortable straps can make a world of difference when toting a heavy backpack. But Italian bag maker o-range thinks it has come up with an even better solution -- a wraparound vest that hugs your entire torso instead of straps that just cling to your shoulders.

When it's available later this year, the Connector Vest will be targeted at snow sport enthusiasts who want to securely carry all their crap while whooshing down the slopes. Because the vest tightly hugs your torso, it has the added benefit of providing a bit of extra insulation too.

Although, that also means that wearing it in warm weather could be an extremely sweaty ordeal. So the Connector Vest will be sold as part of a backpack kit for around $US260, and on its own for about $US190. In cold conditions, it can be optionally used with any pack you choose. [o-range via Gizmag]



    The title poses a question, but there is no discussion..... maybe once the item is available ??

    When a headline ends in a question mark, the answer is always "no" :-)

    Seriously though, I can imagine this would be a lot more supportive, but damn, it looks dorky as hell. That and the disadvantage over straps of it pushing against whatever you're wearing.

    Would get pretty hot and uncomfortable on a hot day

    Would get pretty hot and uncomfortable on a hot day I reckon.

      And can't put it over a coat on a cold day... so that leaves all the in-between days.

    If i got caught wearing something like that i'd have to kick my own ass!

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I'll stick to my Black Wolf with it's 'old fashioned' straps and vented back mesh thanks. The further you walk the hotter you get even in alpine regions. For my 10 cents

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