Do You Still Write Cheques?

Between direct deposit, online banking transfers, PayPal, and all manner of other mobile money movers, writing an old fashioned paper check seems to be dated to the point of redundancy.

Sure, nifty banking deposit machines situated at some NAB and Commonwealth Bank branches make it super easy to deposit cheques, but the same bank have made it just as easy to transfer funds securely (more securely than via snail mail) over the internet.

Why bother?

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    Yes I builders, pay for houses, pay for services. I write cash cheques...very handy

      Cashing a cheque is Like having or paying someone cash minus having cash in your hand...cheaper prices

    I am 26 and have never written a cheque in my life.

    Despite numerous clients, in a variety of different industries, I very rarely see cheque utilised as a payment option in databases.

    Still have one customer who pays via chq and always very late mind you. It's so annoying to the point we told them we would start charging a chq processing fee of $15. They still kept em coming and pay the same thing same amount every month.

    Same customer is no stranger to online banking they send money all around the world and run a very successful online store.

    I haven't written a cheque in years. I have a couple of clients who pay by cheque and it's a PITA. I like the idea of a cheque processing fee. Thanks Allan.

      You'd think it would deter them but it didn't. Now days we get very little postal mail so it really is an effort to go collect a chq from a po box and then stuff around and deposit it Especislly when it's a small amount sub $50

    I have only used bank cheques for large purchases. Never used a personal cheque, and have no idea why I would ever want to or for what I would ever use it. A bank cheque is as good as money in your hand, a personal cheque though? I wouldn't trust one.

    whats a cheque?

    Never used one myself. I find it really annoying when people pay for goods totalling less than $100 by cheque. It takes like 5 minutes to get the payment sorted, when it should take a couple of seconds :/

    I work in a pool and spa shop, and we do more cheques than cash on a yearly basis. In saying that, EFT is the main mop.

    I work at a post office and id say at least 1 in 20 people i serve pay their bills via cheque

    I've work in retail and there is nothing worse than a customer writing up a cheque to pay for their items! it holds up the queue and it's such an inconvenience to process.

    When at an auction for a house, it seems to be that you need to have a cheque book handy. Although, im not quite sure

    It seems that really only North America is extremely reliant on cheques (or checks there!). I am 31 and moved here to Australia about 2 years ago, and love the banking system here. It is so easy, quick, uncomplicated and by comparison, the fees are much less (for being in debit, overlimit fees etc), interest is insanely higher on savings accounts (4-5% compared to maybe 0.5% if you are lucky), and just a better system. Only credit card interest is higher (US you can get a 7% CC). Cheques are a thing of the past, and will all become redundant!

      Although the banks in the US have a neat system for dealing with them (probably through necessity due to the number that are used) that ATMs do OCR on a cheque and you pretty much have instant access to the cash, and at least 2 banks have iPhone apps where you can take a photo of the cheque in the app and deposit it, you supposedly keep the cheque for a few weeks then you can throw it out if you don't have any problems.

      Where as here last time i used a cheque it took days to clear.

    i've had my chequebook since 2001 and i'm only using it to pay my lawnmowing, still plenty of pages left :)

    I write cheques my butt can't cash

      I'm willing to bet it's your ego writing them!

    I've never owned a chequebook. Anything that requires a cheque (not often), I buy a money order at the post office.

    I use cheques to pay for special train trips run by volunteer associations which don't have any retail outlets and nothing electronic. These organizations are not businesses which sell anything. Seems that credit card transactions generate bank fees.

    I used to, when I had no choice. I always loathed cheques, for the simple reason that I have no control over when they will be cashed so I must keep track of expenses by hand.

    Happy to report I haven't written a single one since I moved to Australia seven years ago

      I lie just remembered, I wrote one. When I bought my house.

    Its been years since I worked in mortgages, but I think almost all property settlements still rely on swapping a title for a chq. I used to hate writing chqs. We had a PC that printed them, but when the one person who knew the login details left we had to handwrite, lol :/

    Im 34 and I have never written a cheque

    I got a cheque book to pay my rent. Only cause the pain in the ass real estate agents wanted to charge a fee to pay electronically.

    Cheques suck. Too easy to forge, you have to wait a few days to clear. I had tradies come to the house and do work - at the end they give me a bill and I whip my phone out and do a transfer to their bank account right in front of them. They love it - no hassle of going to the bank, no chance of the cheque bouncing, no need to carry cash, they can draw on it the same day. The technology is there, the money is instantly moved. Businesses should just avoid cheques altogether (even rent receivers - just organise a direct debit - you guarantee the money in your account, you can reconcile your accounts easily).

    Our business is 80% relied on cheques. We are in the smash repair industry where everyone is behind. We try and avoid it as much as we can. Slowly people are moving to EFT and even email. A very slow paced industry.

    I just accepted a cheque from a customer. Very, very rare. I got the impression she was a heaps important executive type.

    Combank ATM cheque deposit FAIL!! The machine OCR'd a cheque, which had a DATE handwritten of 19/9/12, as being for a VALUE of $1919.12 instead of the $100.00 that it should have been. This caused all sorts of issues with the bank, (somehow they processed both the $100 and the $1919.12) including blocking my ENTIRE bank account until I spent about an hour on the phone with them to clear it up. Getting too smart for themselves by half, I think.

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