Digital Tip Jar Lets You Leave A Dollar With Your Credit Card

Paying for a quick meal or drink with a debit or credit card is convenient for customers, but the lack of physical currency means there are less tipping opportunities. That will be a problem of the past if the DipJar is deemed successful and becomes widely available.

It's designed to look and function like the tip jar you would normally find next to a cash register. But instead of dropping in a few coins or small bills, customers just insert and remove their credit card. Each DipJar unit is programmed with a pre-determined transaction amount, which so far has been around a dollar. So if a customer wanted to leave more than that, they'd just have to swipe their credit card a couple of times. At the moment, the company promises that 80 cents of every dollar tipped will make it back to the intended recipient, but they hope to push that to 90 cents and higher as the device becomes more widespread. [DipJar via Digital Trends]


    I've seen systems that allow you to pay for your meal with card and also have a field to enter a tip amount. I don't see what's wrong with doing it that way.

    On the other hand, this DipJar would be a pain in the arse if you wanted to leave more than $1. If I want to leave $10, I have to swipe 10 times? Screw that.

      The problem with the terminals that have the tip entry is that most customers don't read the screen, and go on autopilot entering their pin number into the tip field. I've seen alot of people get confused by this even after you explain it to them. Then when you do explain it it can sound like you're begging for a tip! So I just skip it before I hand the machine to the customer because it's simply not worth the hassle.

    At the additional risk of having my card skimmed, just for leaving a tip? I'll stick to using change.

      I'll stick to living in Australia...

        How does living in Australia make a difference? Working in hospitality in here I actually do receive a fair amount of tips up to the 100-150 in a day depending on the venue.

    Or you could raise the minimum wage, United States.

    With no chance for a receipt, who's to say it wasn't 'accidentally' programmed to grab a lot more than a buck but you wouldn't find out till you next checked your bank statement?

    Its already obsolete. In 5 years time eveyone will use their Phones to pay for everything. Hopefully they have a plan for near field payment tipping.

      It's already in five years time? So it's not obsolete?

    Here's a tip: if you run a business pay your staff out your own pocket.

    There are allready Eftpos terminal providers that offer an extra field for tips in restaurants, I think Suncorp offer that product and im sure many others do too.

    Have they not heard of contact less payments? Couldn't this be done a lot more elegantly with something like PayWeave or similar?

    umm... what about paypass?

    No receipt? Not a chance

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