Did You Get Up This Morning To Watch The Latest Doctor Who On iView?

Well, here it is. It was the story of last week at Gizmodo Australia, with many readers declaring the ABC's efforts to screen the popular sci-fi series within an hour of its UK showing enough to dissuade them from seeking it via torrents. So, how many of you ultimately got up at five in the morning today to watch it?

Giz AU editor Luke Hopewell argued on Friday that despite the ABC's forward-thinking approach, the lack of higher-quality video was a significant negative, even if it was out of the channel's hands. While some won't mind (or even notice) the 640 x 360 resolution, others used to 720p broadcasts and unconcerned with immediacy would seek out the HD torrents anyway.

Now that the ABC has delivered on its promise, do you think the approach has legs? Hopefully we'll see some traffic numbers for the episode in the near future.

[Gizmodo Australia]

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