Did You Get Up This Morning To Watch The Latest Doctor Who On iView?

Well, here it is. It was the story of last week at Gizmodo Australia, with many readers declaring the ABC's efforts to screen the popular sci-fi series within an hour of its UK showing enough to dissuade them from seeking it via torrents. So, how many of you ultimately got up at five in the morning today to watch it?

Giz AU editor Luke Hopewell argued on Friday that despite the ABC's forward-thinking approach, the lack of higher-quality video was a significant negative, even if it was out of the channel's hands. While some won't mind (or even notice) the 640 x 360 resolution, others used to 720p broadcasts and unconcerned with immediacy would seek out the HD torrents anyway.

Now that the ABC has delivered on its promise, do you think the approach has legs? Hopefully we'll see some traffic numbers for the episode in the near future.

[Gizmodo Australia]

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    Doctor who? :P

      DOC... TOR... WHO?

    I got up to watch it, (noticed that it semi clashed with iTunes Festivals first day too). Agree with it being nice to be able to get a higher quality picture.... though, I literally woke up, grab my phone pulled up the iview app and flung it to my apple tv, so could've accounted for something.

    I think the approach has legs (but I also think it would have sturdier legs if you didn't have to wait until a week later to watch it again)

    It was on iView? I got it off the internet. But you can be damned sure I'll watch it off iView from now on! That's just awesome!

    I got up early to watch it on iView and I was pleasantly surprised. Not the best quality, but it can't be beaten for the ease of use and the swiftness of its availability.

    I may download it later (The Boxsets are way overpriced) , but my first stop for Doctor Who will now be ABC's iView.

    Woke up, turned on my tv and was excited when it was on the iView app, I was expecting poor picture quality but it looked fine on my 40" Samsung.

    Great ep, will be interesting to see how is handled later on. So excited, hope they keep up with the one hour later on iView.

      That's how we watch iview too!

    Watched it at about 7:30 this morning. Tried it on the browser and on my Xbox. I found the Xbox to be slightly better quality.

    About 10 minutes in I really stopped paying attention to the resolution.

    No idea how I managed to not find out about a certain person appearing in the first episode. That was kept secret quite well.

    My brother and I got up at 5:00am and watched it the very second it was uploaded. It was amazing!

    Best. Fathers. Day. Present. EVER.
    I'll still grab a HD version for keeps but as stated above can't be beat for speed and ease.

    When is it being aired on TV?


      "The new series of Doctor Who, including “Asylum of the Daleks”, then starts on ABC1 the following Saturday, 8 September at 7.30pm EST, and is also repeated on ABC2 from Tuesday, 11 September at 9.30pm EST."


    I love you ABC, awesome watching DW this morning.

    Tried and failed. It appeared in iView on my iPad but I wasn't going to wacht it on that. AirPlay wouldn't work so couldn't watch it on that. Fired up the bluray player, but it didn't show up in iView on that. Still haven't seen it yet.

    Nah I'll watch it tonight... before playing Guild Wars 2...

    Just watched it with the kids.
    Thank you to ABC/BBC this is the way good television should be watched.
    When it suites the family to watch it together.
    As soon as every other provider matches iview (even with advertising) "Who" would stick with normal transmission?
    We almost only watch iview these days.

    Watched it this morning on my touch pad, resolution was fine for that. Yay abc iview!

    Didn't wake up early. Because I didn't have to. Watched it about 11am. That's the beauty of iView. Watched it on my media PC attached to my 51"Panasonic. Didn't really notice resolution issues too busy cheering on the Doctor! ;-)

    Slept in, but watched at about 8am (which is two pluses for iView, I guess). Since iView is unmetered for me, I'll avoid BTing it, and just grab it from iTunes, I guess.

    I got up about 6am and watched it.

    The quality didn't bother me much, I'm just glad I had easy access to the episode immediately after it aired in the UK. I will probably re-watch it on TV on Saturday and then will wait for the box set on blu ray (which I'll probably buy cheaper from overseas).

    I watched it mid-morning when I woke up. Quality was just good enough to be watchable - it may only be 640x360 but it has obviously been transcoded really really well - it looks better quality than it is.

    Echoing others I might still download an HD version at some point but the convenience of iView is incredible. This is the future of TV and it's comforting to see that the ABC seem to know that and be embracing it!

    Worked great. Not the 720p people want, but it was nice and clear for myself and my fiancée.

    I wonder if they will keep this up all season? Any words about?

    Central Standard Time ensured I was up watching it at 4.40 a.m. and then again immediately afterwards. Thank you ABC for this preview session of series 7, particularly as I am a shift worker and used to miss out all the time. I love iview.
    I am still a little miffed that the last two episodes of series 6 repeats were not uploaded like all the others, because I had to work those evenings and have missed them. Soon perhaps?

      I don't think you missed the last two episodes of series 6. They were not shown because the Paralympics took over. That's why they weren't put up on iView. I'm spewing too as I have never seen them

    I attempted to watch it on iView. I left it to pause for 5 minutes and only about 1 min had loaded. Since I don't want to spend 5 hours watching a 48 minute program, I gave up there.

    So good. It didn't show up on iVeiw on my bluray player either but it was all glorious systems go on my Xbox 360. More credit to the ABC for dragging Australian broadcasting into the 21st century.

    My alarm goes off at 4:45 from Monday to Friday, so I do not get up for anything at five in the morning on a Sunday. Not even Amy Pond.

    It was impressively up at 4:45am ACST, but only SD sadly. If they keep innovating and improving though, I'll definitely be back!

    I got up at 5am and loved it. Full credit to the ABC for taking simple and sensible steps to stop their shows being pirated. "Make the content available" - seems so simple when you put it that way.

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