Did Optus Just Give Away iPhone 5 Details?

Did Optus Just Give Away iPhone 5 Details?

No doubt local telcos have already consulted with Apple about what’s going to be in the next iPhone. Even if it was just a brief conference call with Cupertino, local telcos are more in the loop than they’d care to admit. The real question is: what filters down the ranks, and did Optus just reveal info about the iPhone’s SIM card?

We were sent this screenshot of a conversation between an Optus customer service rep and a customer yesterday. After chatting about pre-registration of interest for new phones, here’s how the conversation went down:

Tipster: The other question being is the SIM card [for the new iPhone] shrinking or staying the same SIM card wise and when will the SIM cards be available in store

Optus Rep Alex: If you are using and iPhone 4 at present you can still use the same SIM card for the iPhone 5.

Our tipster points out (and we heartily agree) that it might just be a customer service rep tired of answering questions, or it might be a rep who knows that no new SIM cards have been sent to the carrier or its stores.

Either way, all will be revealed tomorrow.

Thanks for sending this in, tipster!