Did Motorola Fake An Address To Make Apple Maps Look Even Worse Than It Is?

Everybody -- or well, almost everybody -- knows that Apple Maps is inferior to Google Maps. There are countless examples of Apple Maps being worse! Motorola, however, ignored all the real examples and used a fake address to show off how Google Maps is better than Apple Maps. Huh?

This was what Motorola posted to Google+ post (oh, look at that Google on Google synergy!):

Clever little Moto! Creating a nice and convenient hashtag for Apple map fails! Showing side-by-side comparisons of the two maps! It's definitely effective. But the address is 'fake'. AppleInsider discovered that there's no real address listed at 315 E 15th St in Manhattan New York -- it's a public park, not an address listing. Basically, no one would really search for 315 E 15th St in Manhattan because it doesn't exist.

So why does Apple show 315 Marlborough Road all the way in Brooklyn on Apple Maps? Well, it's actually not a complete fail. According to AppleInsider:

So why would anyone actually be "looking for 315 E 15th" in New York? The only reasonable reason would be to locate an actual address that does exist in Brooklyn (which is also part of New York City), in an area where a series of numbered streets between East 11th and E 16th now have assigned names.

What was apparently once the 300 block of East 15th Street is now named Marlborough Road. Five blocks away, Marlborough Road turns into E 15th Street, where numbers begin on the 800 block.

When you clarify the '315 E 15th St' search to include Manhattan, Apple Maps actually points to the same non-existent address that Google Maps does. But without the Manhattan-clarifier, Apple Maps points towards an actual address listing before going to the made-up address. It chose the address that someone might search over the one that no one should search. That actually makes sense, right?

Apple did screw up in releasing a half-baked Apple Maps -- false listings, screwy 3D world -- but this wasn't actually one of the failures. Instead, it seems a lot like needlessly misleading advertising in a race where Google is already a thousand miles ahead. [AppleInsider]



    Motorola.... Oh I remember those guys are they still around? Yes I hate Apple to but Motorola are the last people who should be having a dig they probably didnt thing anyone would notice because only 27 people own one of their phones.

      Sounds like you haven't really kept up with how they've been improving since Google bought them

    Of course they used a fake address, similar to when they use 555 phone numbers in movies. The owner of a real adress would be a little pissed if idiots kept turning up just cause there address was on a Motorola ad.


      But let's keep giving the Apple faithful some straws to clutch at. Their suffering is great.

      They could just use the location of a shopping mall, some sort of monument or something.

        Yeah, but then Apple see the add and fix the issue, then Motorola are the ones that look 'stoopid'.
        Sadly, that's marketing.

        Apple's marketing of 'Apple Maps' is a perfect example of how marketing is not the law. Marketing is always going to be a bias view of products by the company who owns it, because they are trying to make money and that is understandable. I only look at marketing to learn what features a product has, then wait to verify it's quality myself or see if from 3rd parties without invested interest.

    well use a real address that is a public place, a land mark or something. Then the owner can't get pissed because there is no private real owner.

    So basically what you are saying is that a park does not have a street address? I think Google maps got it right, more people are likely to be visiting a park than a particular house, so show the park, which is at the actual address entered.

    To me Apples solution would be like searching for a Motorola store, if such a thing existed, and instead being directed to an Apple store because Apple figured that is probably what you were actually looking for.

      I'm with you. Not a real address? What's this guy on.
      Clearly it's a park.. They have an address

    Just sounds like Appleinsider's a bunch of cry babies and should grow a sense of humour - i mean lets be serious, to use Apple maps, you gotta have a sense of humour LOL... Its just advertising FFS. Doesn't have to be real. +1 to Michael, just like the old 555 nos in movies.. Now

    I blame New York for numbering their streets instead of giving them names like the rest of the world. Seriously, though, Apple Maps can't find Queen St in Melb CBD without specifically requesting Melbourne. The fact that it goes to Altona first rather annoys me.

    It's cause they probably are not allowed to use real dresses? you know law suits are crazy now adays.

      I see what you did there: real dresses / law suits...

      Actually, no I don't

    Let's say that you have an awesome camera in your phone and you wanna show its features in an ad. You could use your phone or a professional rig an a high cost HD camera and claim its your phone, what do you do?

    Fakers are fakers. Haters are haters.

      Woops that should read. Fakers are haters. Haters are fakers.

        Why would they anounnce this.

      To be fair, I don't think Nokia claimed it was their phone taking the video at any point. It was just a professional ad meant to set a mood that listed some features. It did massively blow up in their face though.

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