Developers Suspect The New Kindle Fires Will Be Hack-Resistant

If you were banking on hacking a new Kindle Fire to take advantage of cheap hardware without Amazon's modded Android OS, you perhaps better think again. Developers over at XDA are speculating that they expect the new range of Kindle Fires to be too sophisticated to hack.

In particular, a forum post provides evidence that suggests the new devices will come with more sophisticated protection, including locked bootloaders and "high security" features offered by Texas Instrument processors.

Of course, with Amazon really pushing its device-as-service concept hard, the news likely won't ruffle the feathers of the majority of Kindle Fire users. But for those who were cheekily hoping to grab a Kindle Fire HD for modding purposes, there may well be something to grumble about. [XDA via Engadget]


    Doesn't that make people just want to try harder?

      Yup! That's just a call to arms for hackers...!

    Manufacturer puts hordes of engineers and spends tens of $millions and months of additional product development time into rock solid, hacker proof security. Delays hackers by 7 days instead of 3 days. Good return on investment boys. Let's face it, the hacker guys living on Coke and Mars Bars in their bedrooms are smarter than the highly paid engineers.

    thats what they said about the SE x10. but that was hacked too. and the PS3

    If they hack it I will buy....

    Bought my first computer in 1983. I guess I must be stupid because I never was interested or had the desire to hack the OS.

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