CupChair App Lets You Take 360-Degree Photos With Just An iPhone And A Cup

If you're trying to sell something online, panoramic project images are a great way to make customers feel confident about they're buying. Those images are a pain to make, but the CupChair app by RotaryView streamlines the process.

It's a pretty simple process: you just place your iPhone in a cup (which in this case is just a stand) and point it at the item of interest. From there, the app does a lot of the work unassisted and checks to make sure nothing in the background is moving. All you have to do is slowly turn the product and move your hand out of the way.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that the app automatically generates the 360-degree image, processing the shots itself and then providing an embed code. There's pretty much no way to screw it up. Perplexingly, the embed code doesn't yet work with Esty. The app, and the associated service of cloud storage and processing, is $US9 a month or $US99 a year. It's probably overkill for casual use, but it sounds handy if you happen to make your living selling stuff online. [iTunes App Store via The Next Web]

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