Could Apple Have Announced Nothing Today?

Today, Apple introduced a bunch of new products: the iPhone 5, iTunes 11, a new iPod Touch and an iPod Nano. And they announce new products at every event! But what if one day they decided to just... stop? CollegeHumor imagines an Apple who's sick of making products and holds a press conference to release... nothing.

It's funny because it'll never ever ever happen but also maybe on an off-chance, in the deepest dark corners of Tim Cook's twisted humour mind, might. The only company who could play it off like Nothing was actually something.


Nothing will ever be the same. [College Humor]



    LOVE IT!

    I eat sh*t like you for breakfast.

    You eat sh*t for breakfast??

      ..... No!

    iNothing will be available for pre order soon, at a price of $499, or $899 for the deluxe model

      and $1799 for the base model in Australia.

    iNothing isn't that what was just released this morning. Only they gave it a new code name; I believe they called it iPhone 5.


      I agree though, it was pretty meh


    But...people will say thats revolutionary and innovative to break the mold like that and demand they sell them here ......what are they selling again?.......nothing!?

    I'll take two of nothing, thats gotta be somthing.

    One more thing...

    .. we're buying Google.

    Does the nothing cost more in Australia ?

    Wow, he really projected a massive level of conceit and arrogance... Good acting. If that was a real life speech it'd be almost offensive.

    Even now Apple couldn't do this, they'd be fine for a few months, then they'd quickly capsize. The general public is too conditioned to want the latest greatest and is stuck on a yearly update cycle...

    Anyway, great skit!

      The funny thing is about that, just about every contract you go on with the phone companies is 2 years long, and there's no way i'd pay outright for an iPhone.
      I'm glad everyone is making a big deal of criticising this release, it's almost as bad as the 4S release, in terms of what's new in the phone.

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