Contour+2: Can This New Action Camera Finally Dethrone The GoPro?

The Contour+2 is an upgraded version of the company's action-cam flagship, the Contour+. Having always played second fiddle to the ubiquitous GoPro, Contour is seeking to entice buyers with a slew of new social media and smartphone features to finally put them ahead of the pack.

Front and centre with the Contour+2 is its focus on social media and sharing. The kit will feature software that basically mediates the camera-to-facebook workflow, while adding options for embedding data such as GPS coordinates, speed, elevation and distance travelled. On the software side, Contour's iPhone app has been the recipient of significant upgrade -- while the previous version only allowed you to monitor your camera, the new version allows you to control its functions as well.

The guts of the camera remain largely the same, although Contour claims that they have applied some additional tweaks to the firmware which will improve image quality in certain areas. The Contour +2 will be available this month for $US399.99. Not only is this $US100 cheaper than the Contour+, it comes with a waterproof housing, which you previously had to purchase separately. We expect the Contour+2 to be sold in Australia via the usual outlets.

The announcement comes at an interesting time for action-cams; the recent announcement of Sony's first foray into the market being another significant event. Sony is hyping its camera's small size and 120fps recording at 720p. The Contour+2 also does 120 fps, but only at a very small 480p image size.

Until the Sony cam reaches the hands of action-seekers everywhere, the quality of their product remains untested. We will no doubt be comparing the Sony action cam and the Contour+2 to see which one, if any, can outdo a good ol' GoPro. [Contour]



    Can't wait to try this out and make mountain biking videos with this camera.

    Will be interesting to see how it performs underwater.

      Agreed, I used our GoPro HD Hero2 in Fiji earlier this year and was really disappointed in the quality of the video while diving, even in well lit conditions it was blurry and not clear at all.

        The curved lens of the stock housing does not enable focussing underwater. A flat port lens is required for crisp underwater footage. I retrofitted my housing with a flat lens, but GoPro has since released a dedicated underwater/scuba housing.

          I was in Fiji this year too doing the exact same thing! I searched for the official dive housing in every camera shop in Sydeny with no luck so had to settle on an unofficial flat lens. and the image quality was pretty poor. Also it cause the housing to leak and ruin both og my go-pro cameras. Definately gonna be checking out the new Sony and Contour before buying another one.

        Did you use the dive housing or just the normal underwater housing?

        With the dive housing the quality is great.

    So many other cams out there better then the go pro...


    Two off the top of my head

      How are those cameras better than the GoPro? Based on stats they don't compare, and if you've seen video comparison they aren't even close. There is a reason the article title asks if the contour can dethrone the GoPro, because it's the best out there.

      I doubt that, having seen a direct comparison of both on "roadbikes" at speed :)
      So I doubt the "bulletcam" would be different to the drift in noise or refresh rate problems .....

    Aaaand back to the Sony ActionCam, with a decent image sensor. I don't need to share direct to Facebook; would much rather do editing first, thank you very much.

    Why does any new product have to dethrone a popular product. Its a constant This vs This.
    GoPro vs Contour, Ferrari vs Lamborghini, Apple vs Samsung, Pc vs Mac, Nvidia vs Amd. The list just goes on and on and on and on. Why can't it just be, here's a top selling product, does it work for you, no, ok here's a alternative.

      Because competition drives innovation, every company should strive to be the best not just produce something adequate.

    If Sony's got their image stabilization sorted all these other's are going to be yesterday's news.
    Exmor sensor, 120fps @ 720, Zeiss Lens, it's a hard act to follow.
    I reckon the reality is that Sony will have to have terrible stabilization to not be the best...

    i would consider it if they supported more than iOS

    Have they sorted the poor audio quality yet? For motorcycling this was the biggest let down of the contour vs the go pro...

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