Contour Learns Social Media Lessons The Hard Way

Contour Learns Social Media Lessons The Hard Way

Contour make great adventure cameras. They’re tough, hardy and have a dedicated brand following that loves to jump off things, swim in things and do other crazy stuff while wearing the cameras. This year’s IFA in Berlin saw Sony release a competitive product to the Contour line: the Sony ActionCam. Contour thought it’d be a great idea to slam the ActionCam on Facebook. Mistake.

Contour posted this image to its Facebook page earlier today with the attached caption, “It looks a bit similar, doesn’t it?”

Surely, Contour’s intention was to put the harsh word on Sony for developing a product and marketing materials that looks similar to Contour’s. It didn’t go down that way, though.

What Contour did is make every single person who didn’t know about the ActionCam — which does have a few improvements on the Contour range — fully aware that it exists.

Contour Learns Social Media Lessons The Hard Way

While it does look a tad similar, right down to the marketing materials even, this wasn’t smart of Contour.

Contour’s own Facebook fans are even starting to consider the product that the company decided to slam.

Andrew Mahn writes:

I’ll take the Sony! At least they responded to my requests instead of being busy posting competitors products on their social media outlets. 😉

Louis van Senden says:

Might get contour to pick up their game a little and bring out a new camera with new features…

While Dustin Davis says:

It was a matter of time…I think you should take this post down and quit ADVERTISING a Sony camera on the Contour’s page! Thanks!

Since it was posted this morning, Contour looks to have been deleting negative opinions and comments favouring the Sony ActionCam.

Update: Contour got in touch (in the comments below) and said that it hasn’t been deleting comments. The whole posting about Sony thing was to start a discussion between followers of the brand. Fair enough.

Thanks for tipping us off here, Ben!

Image: Contour