Confidential Images Of Apple's New Spaceship Interior Leaked

We already saw plenty of exterior images of Apple's new headquarters, which look like a giant spaceship or a spaceport. But these confidential interior images — obtained by 9to5mac's Élyse Betters — truly show the scale of this place. Look at the size of that glass wall!

The first thing you will notice looking at these images is the scale. This thing is enormous.

It looked flat in the exterior shots, but that's just an effect of the gigantic plan. These images show that Apple's new campus is going to be truly gigantic, with really tall ceilings and multiple level loft-ish areas.

Like the Apple Stores and the rest of the design in the company—except for the leathery and skeuomorphic software interfaces—the interiors are extremely simple and minimalistic: white surfaces and wood everywhere, all inundated by tons of light provided by perimeter and ceiling windows.

These glass panel look like those at the Apple Store in New York's Upper West Side.

Here's a typical workplace environment.

The desks and benches looks like the furniture at retail Apple Stores. The ceilings seem to be huge all across the building.

Check out the rest of the images at [9to5mac]

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