Concrete Wallpaper Perfects That Cosy Cold War Bunker Look

If you grew up at the height of the Cold War and remember spending many nights in your family's fallout shelter, perhaps warm colours and relaxing patterns just don't feel homey to you. If stark grey walls are the only thing that says 'home sweet home' this faux concrete wallpaper turns any room into an emotionless bunker.

It's not going to provide an ounce of protection in the event of an atomic explosion, but designer Piet Boon's cement-like wall coverings are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing. The high-res textures are printed on heavy-duty wallpaper so they won't fade and are easy to wipe clean, but just 9 metres of it will cost you $US300. If you plan on covering every inch of wall space in a room, it might actually just be cheaper to install a concrete bunker under your house and drag your living room furniture down there.

[Generate via The Green Head]

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