Circle Pad Pro For The Nintendo 3DS XL Makes It Even More Monstrous

Nintendo has today revealed a version of its Circle Pad Pro accessory for the 3DS XL. The add-on further embiggens the already hefty handheld console with an additional analogue control stick — a feature that many had hoped would be included in the re-designed version of the 3DS.

While Nintendo hasn't said much besides "it's coming", there's no reason to think the House of Mario won't be pushing to have it available in time for oversized stockings come Christmas morning. Pricing and availability has not yet been confirmed. [Nintendo Japan via Joystiq]


    But that image clearly displays that it makes the thing smaller!

    Personally, I'm more interested in whether Nyko will be offering an awesome powered solution like they did for the vanilla.

    Carnt believe they didn't have built in what next no power cable oh wait they did that to

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