Check Out Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom's Next Project: Megabox

We've sort of known that Kim Dotcom was launching Megabox from the remains of Megaupload but we didn't know exactly what it was. Now that Dotcom has leaked a video about the service, we have an idea: a music service that wants to destroy labels and put the artist in charge.

This ain't piracy. Megabox, which is supposed to launch later this year, is a music service that sounds like a lot of other music services but gives more money directly to the artist... or something like that. The idea is to give free music away and then compensate the artist with advertising revenue. TorrentFreak explains:

This revenue comes from the Megakey application that users have to install. Megakey works like an ad blocker, but instead of blocking ads it replaces a small percentage with Mega's own ads. Those who prefer not to install the app have the option to buy the music instead.

Installing the Megakey app makes the music free, those who don't install the app, have to pay for the music. Most of the revenue will go to the artist and Megabox will only take a small share. Like a reverse record label, I guess. [TorrentFreak]

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    i hope famous artist actually use it...

    We're slowly entering into a new era where things are becoming free.

    The idea of sharing is this current economic infrastructure is still hard to do, but in time the idea of sharing will become a trend for the things people create. Making music today is easier than it's ever been because of portable electronic components that can turn a teenagers bedroom into his own studio. Someday the same will happen to video games as software engines will become so easy to use than a 14 year old could program, animate and design his very own game to share with the world.

    Although I can't say the same for films because that's on a whole different level, because people like acting, they like expressing themselves on a staged performance.... i'm not sure if films will ever become free like how it is becoming with music.... we'll just have to wait and see.

    "... the Megakey application that users have to install"


      Why not?

        Get out of here Pectoralbrother

        Why? There's no reason why you wouldn't! If you're going to see ads anyway, you might as well get something from them!

      Agreed, sounds extremely dodgy. And 'Megabox' sounds like the name of a porno I'd rather not see...

        It's Kim Dotcom, I doubt he will do anything dodgy, it makes no sense for him to.

          Not even millions of dollars?

    1. The app will be reverse engineered to show no ads at all.
    2. There will probably be legal protection for Kim against any artist should anything go wrong, due to how this scheme works.
    3. Artist income will only happen while Megabox is popular, when it's usercount/ad view count drops, so does the income, so like facebook it lives only as long as it is popular, and again like facebook if it were to be listed on the stock exchange, it's just a company whose income is from adverts, and could become out of favor and die overnight. (although I assume arists would put their music on other services too, but in that case, why bother with getting less income from Megabox?)

    Well, I am not installing that. Unless its an extension that Adblock overrides. :P


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