Check Out LG's iPad... From 2001

Eleven years ago at CeBIT 2001, LG demoed a product called the "Digital iPad", a wireless, stylus-controlled 8.4-inch tablet powered by Linux. Perhaps if the company had more charisma on-tap at the time, we'd all be using similarly-branded products from LG today. As this is clearly not the case, it's fair to say the device didn't really take off.

According to a PC World story from January of that year, the Digital iPad supported 10Mb/s speeds at 100m and came with a USB port and a Compact Flash slot. A 200MHz StrongARM chip from Intel did the grunt work, with LG looking to double the speed and integrate voice recognition and a "videophone function".

Videophone? Was that even a thing? It sounds so... 90s.

If LG was keen to tap Apple on the shoulder for the use of the name, you'd think it would have done so by now. Apple's already gone through the motions of securing the "iPad" trademark, paying out a handsome sum to Fujitsu in 2010, which it used for a phone / point-of-sale device called the "iPAD". Then, of course, there's Proview, which Apple sorted out with a $US60 million payment earlier this year.

On a related note, has anyone calculated how much cash has gone into settling trademark and patent disputes this year? With the recent Apple versus Samsung judgement, that kitty must be pretty fat right now.

[Linux For Devices, via Reddit]

Image: LG / ZDNet Korea



    A rectangle with rounded edges! White, with a round button on the bottom. A tablet! LG was copying Apple IP way back in 2001!!!

      lol, back in 2001 apple didnt even have the whole minimalist white design either ahahaha.

        Freaking auto correct...ahem...+she is holding IT wrong

        They copied future apple!!
        LG is the illuminati

    How did LG manage to go forward it time and rip off what is obviously Apple's design? This blatant IP theft must never be tolerated. We're talking thermonuclear here.

      Not to harp on, but Apple lost the iPad portion of their recent trial. They won almost everything involving the iPhone, but the Galaxy Tab was not found to infringe on the iPad design (one of Samsung's few silver linings). Meaning... that even THAT jury found Apple's claim to the 'tablet' form factor complete BS.

    Apple's no doubt going to sue them for travelling into the future and copying their design and branding.

    i wonder if Apple also holds patents for the time travelling technology LG used to go forward in time and copy future Apple designs

    This just goes to show the patent system is a pile of doo doo.

    And some people are trying to say that Apple is a company full of "inovation" looks like they cant even come up with origianal names.

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    LG missed out on a chance to make some fat cash off of Apple. Should have sued the shit out of them.

    ... Just waiting for the lawsuit from @ppl3 now.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

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