Canon EOS 6D: The Cheapest Full-Frame DSLR Ever

At just around $2200 for the body, the Canon EOS 6D it's the cheapest full-frame camera you can buy new. It's got one hell of a lineage, but how will it measure up to Nikon's crazy new D600, which costs around $400 more?

The Canon EOS 6D — Canon's new entry-level full-frame DSLR — looks a whole lot like a slightly beefed up version of the legendary 5D Mark II. That shouldn't be surprising. That camera almost single-handedly turned the professional SLR into a standard-issue tool for filmmakers.

The new 6D, jumps into the role the 5D Mark II has played since the release of the 5D Mark III six months ago; a professional camera that's $US1400 cheaper than the next step up. We're also learning about the 6D just a week after Nikon showed us its D600, an enthusiast friendly, 24-megapixel, full-frame DSLR that costs $2599 for the body. These two cameras will be duking it out for the love of the next generation.

So what's inside the 6D? A 20.2-megapixel 35mm sensor, the newish Canon Digic 5+ image processor, and an 11-point autofocus system. None of those specs should be all that surprising. The sensor's resolution falls more or less in line with the 5D Mark II's and everything from the image processing to the 4.5 fps max continuous shooting speed are specs we've seen before.

Here's a nice touch, though: the 6D has identical video shooting modes to the 5D Mark III. The 6D can record 1920 x 1080 HD video at 25 and 30 fps or 1280 x 720 HD video at 60 and 50 fps.

But unlike other pro-grade DSLRs, the new 6D comes with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS. Other DSLRs require external accessories to get these functions so if it's something you're looking for, the 6D could save you even more money. When the GPS is turned on it adds geographic and UTC time information to the EXIF data of your photos. As with other Wi-Fi cameras, the 6D can use it's connectivity to transfer files to your other devices as well as to post the photos online to social networks or Canon's proprietary storage locker service. The concern with built-in connectivity is always that it'll eat up buckets of battery, so we'll be keeping an eye on that when the 6D comes out.

The Canon 6D isn't a very surprising camera, and why should it be? As we mentioned before this is really just a spec bumped upgrade to the blockbuster 5D Mark II formula. Besides the connected features, which may or may not be useful, putting the 5D Mark III's video specs and an upgraded image processor in the new 6D are significant improvements — especially at the price. The Canon EOS 6D will be available in December for around $2250 (Canon Australia doesn't confirm RRPs anymore). I'll also be available bundled with the excellent EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. [Canon]

Canon EOS 6D

• Price: ~$2250 (body only

• Sensor: 20.2-megapixel, full-frame (36.0mm x 24.0mm)

• Max ISO: 25600 (Standard)/ 102400 (expanded)

• Video: 1920 x 1080 30/25/24 and 1280 x 720 60/50

• Max Drive: 4.5 frames-per-second at full resolution

• Screen: 1,040,000, 3-inch LCD

• Storage: Dual-SD card slots



    Note: RRP for 6D in the US is $2,099 and $2,200 for the Nikon D600. The Australian premium for Nikon is much higher for some reason.
    If you wanna buy the D600, consider buying it overseas. No point doing that for 6D though.

    Some folks over at the Whirlpool Photography forum have got a thread tracking the best price for the D600 ( Down to ~$2400 at some Australian retailers.

      Corrections: it appears to be down to $2100 in some places.

    Only one SD card slot????????

    sd card :/ not cf card?? the wireless is a cool touch.

    seems like a rebadged 5D mkll with some extra features. Easy way to get rid of excess stock.

      Different sized body, different button layout and new sensor. I agree that the 6D will take over the role of the 5Dmkii, but its a much lesser camera (spec wise) IMHO.

    Both prices, for the D600 and the 6D are the same - $2099.

    I won't get too excited with the GPS till I see it in action. I've used a GPS camera and they are a waste of time. TTFF too slow, and if it can't find a lock it just uses previous know location. It wasn't real time either, it only got new location when it was turned on/off. I like the feature of using the iOS/Android as the GPS that the S110 is supposedly getting.

    I think you should reword your title, I just last week bought a new 5D MKii body only for $1700... It also has a full frame sensor...

      Unless you're just talking RRP... But still

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    "I’ll also be available bundled with the excellent EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM."

    Canon must have created a new box to include you with the 24-105 lens.. ;)

    As a Canon owner of a boat load of gear, I would buy the D600 if I were looking for my first full frame.

      as someone looking to buy into my first load of gear, keen to hear your thoughts on why?

      it seems like a really hard one to call, and if anything canon tends to be a bit cheaper & easier to get stuff?

    I like speed over most other things, will stick with the excellent Canon 7D
    Fast A/F to boot

    It's a good point to mention that 5D MK2 is cheaper than 6D, which is true. This means I should investigate some more to pick up one of those two bodies! I have a couple of Canon lenses but the body has broken (RIP) so it's time to buy another one.

    i find it interesting reading the comments in some forums (including here). yes the Australian premium must stop. the 6D should have way faster processing speeds, much better low light, and i'm hoping more dynamic range. It is designed to appeal to a different group of photographers, then the 5Dmk2. These photographers prefer small over big sized camera. they travel, they don't shoot sports they shoot life; Streets, weddings, travel, events. They carry their own gear and move, they want to know where a photo was made. They want to it to have great quality, they might print at a meter but no more. They don't mind if other people think their camera is not 'pro'.

    and honest, it's got to have better image quality then the 5Dmk2 and hopefully the mk3... wonder if that camera will get a heart transplant sooner rather then later.... an upgraded sensor, needs it to compete...

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