Can Social Media Statistics Predict The Winner Of The NRL Grand Final?

That would be a stretch, to be sure, but seeing as they did a good job of selecting the Sydney Swans as the victors of yesterday's AFL grand final, who's to say the numbers won't get it right for tonight's NRL decider?

Click the image to the right for a full-size version.

This infographic was put together by Sydney-based ad company Publicis Mojo, using data collected via SocialTools, a social media metrics "platform" created by ZenithOptimedia. It pits Hawthorn and Sydney and the Storm and the Bulldogs against one another in a social networking battle of popularity.

Sydney comes out on top for the AFL — as it did in reality — while the Doggies take the crown for the NRL. At the moment, betting odds aren't in Canterbury's favour, but maybe winning the numbers game online will see them smash it in the final.

Or not.

[ZenithOptimedia, via Mumbrella]

Image: ZenithOptimedia

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