Brilliant Auto-Inflating Tyres Pump Themselves Up As They Roll

There's a long list of reasons why you should keep your vehicle's tyres properly inflated — from better mileage to safer handling. Goodyear has made this motorist's chore extra easy with its new Air Maintenance Technology system, which automatically keeps a tyre at the proper PSI using a self-contained passive pump.

Auto-inflation systems for tyres have existed for years now, but they usually involve complicated valves and tubing to connect each tyre to a pump in the vehicle itself. Goodyear's solution is far more elegant, using an internal regulator that automatically opens, when tyre pressure is low, to let air in to a pumping tube. As the tyre rolls and is deformed, the air inside this tube is squeezed into the tyre's main cavity, pumping it back up. Because the system is completely self-contained, there's less risk of the components being damaged and fewer ways for the mechanism to fail.

While Goodyear isn't announcing pricing or availability details for the new tyres just yet, the company will be demonstrating the technology at the 2012 Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany, and presumably at other upcoming auto shows around the world.

[Goodyear via Gizmag]



    I'll take 5

      Good call, I always forget about the spare.

        The what?

          That thing you take out of the back of your car to lighten the load and increase your fuel economy.

    This is what i call innovation. No more finding petrol station with air stations.

    it would be ideal if it can have the settings adjusted for different loads and road surfaces, and if it can inflate and deflate with changes in pressure due to heat..

    How would they work for beach driving?

    I wonder if it violates any Apple patents ;)

    Its copy

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