Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Why Apple Maps Won’t Get Better Anytime Soon
Does it make you realise just how much you took Google Maps for granted?

Top 10 Secret Features Of iOS 6
Siri in iOS 6 recognises application launch commands. Just don’t be surprised if your calendar opens instead of your calculator.

Twitter Is Finally Going To Let You Download All Your Old Tweets
Twitter is also working with developers to come up with a bulk-embed solution for live events and breaking news. Kind of like having your Twitter stream follow you all over the internet?

Find Out If The Web Services You Use Every Day Are Making Money
It’s a wonder how some of these continue to operate. Kickstarter is not profitable despite getting a cut of every funded project, Spotify isn’t making money despite all those ads, and Google Maps and Chrome don’t really make money either.

iPhone 5 Camera Vs The Competition
Last night I learned that the best camera will not always be the one you have on you. My mum took a photo with her flashless iPhone 3GS and there was nothing to see in the photo. That’s just as bad — if not more disappointing — as having no photo at all.

Image: VancityAllie/Flickr