Bootlegged Google Maps App Coming To iOS 6

Really, it was only a matter of time, but this was still surprisingly fast. What you see here is the iOS 5.1 version of Google Maps running in iOS 6 -- albeit a little shakily. The porting was done by one Ryan Petrich, who says it's working pretty well but isn't quite ready for release to the public just yet.

Naturally, this iOS 6 mod of Google Maps will require a jailbreak, but that's not too big a deal since someone has already managed to jailbreak the iPhone 5. Keep your eyes open for the return of Google Maps on a Cydia app store near you. [Ryan Petrich, The Next Web]


    Or get an android

      Unless you're the sort who think Apple are the only manufacturer out there, or think that they make the best smartphone (because Android is open-source and that means hackers can get it, right?! I saw this thing on Today Tonight once..)

    I had the Google Map app when I upgraded to iOS 6. It still works fine so I don't see what all the fuss is about. Some people like to complicate their lives I suppose

      uh... the Google map app was built into iOS, and is removed when updating to iOS 6. There's also no standalone Google maps app you can download. So, unless you mistakenly didn't update to iOS6, or already have this jailbreak tweak, what the hell are you talking about?

    How about I leave my iphone4S on ios5 and don't upgrade to 6?

    I think jailbreaking your iphone for the sake of bringing google maps back on it is going a bit far.

      have you used Apple Maps? it is terrible!
      the level of details is so low making it so hard to direct yourself from point A to B or find any businesses.

      So Yes, if jailbreaking means a decent map app then i'm all for it.

        On the weekend I was doing some house hunting with my Fiance and we where surprised at how many street names where actually incorrect. Given that apps like now have the apple map inbuilt it meant that the whole process became very annoying.

        Yeah i have used it and agree, its got some big flaws but i actually just got google maps back by pinning it on home screen from safari. Also been using other third party apps that do a alright job.

          Hi Dave can you explain how to pin it so I can retrieve it please

      There are many, MANY, more reasons to jailbreak.

      *Still on 5.1, waiting for iOS6 JB.

    You wouldn't have to jailbreak if apple let you have control of your Iphone and apps...Android FTW!!!

      is jailbreaking so hard?? takes about 5 minutes, if that.

    I tested my apple maps to take me from home to work (over 80kms) and it worked fine, It identified where I was and where I was going perfectly and the route was correct. Surrounding details were a bit scarce but when asking directions you dont need other details just what is necessary to go from A to B.

      That's odd, I checked a route from home to Lithgow that I'm taking later in the year and it sent me to Jenolean Caves. A trip that takes less than 2 hours came up as 5 1/2!

    Or you could not go through the effort to void your warranty and just use the web app version instead.

    what was the point of blocking the google maps app?

      Who said anyone is blocking a google maps app?

      They didn't block it, Google didn't renew the license for Apple due to Apple being a bunch of idiots who keep Sueing everyone and expecting to then use their stuff. Wouldn't be half surprised to see the next iPhone be deleyed or not exist at all if Samsung decide to do the same as Google (Samsung make half the parts in the iPhone).

    All you need to do( if you don't need point to point audible) is to open Google Maps on Safari, then save the open link to your home screen. It even will load the neat Googl e Maps logo.


    It's a phone NOT a blooming MAP - if you need a MAP go buy a MAP .

      Because I can carry a map for everywhere I go in my pocket..

        You can't easily ask a map what's the best route to get from one place to another, including public transportation routes, or where a certain place (store, business, restaurant, others) is. And there are dozens of other things a maps app can do to make your life easier which a portable, easy to use, physical map can't do.

          Sorry, replied to wrong comment, was meant for awallafashagba.

        I asked my map where my local tv shop was........iv still not had an answer from it yet though........I also asked it what the number for my local pizza place was.......still no answer..........get the picture ?

    Get MAPS+ app, it resembles google maps in ios

    The reason apple did away with google maps is because they need something to help flog their next new model phone - roll out the apple map. Why else would all stand lined up for hours to grab the first iPhone 5 if it was on the same iOS system as the previous 3 models. The other reason is who is one of apples main competitors ? Microsoft......who owns google ? Microsoft.....not too mention the google phone, we couldn't have any more competition to slow the sales of the iPhone 5, made in china for about $3 each and selling for what - $1,200 outright

      Microsoft doesn't own Google, they are as much of a competitor as Apple is. Microsoft owns Windows and Bing (which noone uses lol).


    This is a complete non-argument.

    I love Apple products however their Maps app. is poor compared to Google Maps.

    I have no wish to change handset.

    Apple Maps has questionable data for some, very poor overhead images for many, and no street view.

    I've never considered jailbreaking until now but I feel it might be worth it.

    99% of iPhone users feel justifiably cheated by Apple for introducing their version at this stage of development.

    The clear solution is to swallow their corporate pride and allow the return of Google Maps until their own app is sufficient, just as they have done with Safari/Chrome on the mac, then the user can decide.

    Not sure where Apple bought their map from but my suburb doesn't exist on it and Kiama which is on the ocean in Australia is now located inland 20 kilometers. I do prefer my maps to be a little more accurate ...

    Now if someone did this to Crapple there would be a multi-billion dollar lawsuit.

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