Book-Shelf Or Reading Chair? The Choice Is Yours.

Everyone loves the aesthetic of an unorganised pile of books. The Once Upon a Time bookshelf, by Fabio Vinella, is just that, but certainly much better looking.

Once Upon a Time, a beautifully built walnut bookshelf, features a useful platform that can be home to a reading lamp, or made into a seat if you enjoy lounging amongst your sacred tomes.

The only drawback (besides costing $US4200), is that certain slots only fit certain sized books, so plan accordingly. [Fabio Vinella via Design Milk]


    The only drawback is the price? What about comfort? It looks terrible. It is art right? Art, or 'a conversation starter'. A better conversation starter would be, "Hey I almost bought a painfully uncomfortable chair for $4200... Then I remembered I wasn't a douchebag."

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