Aussie Builds A Survival Pod That Lets You Ride Out Tsunamis In Relative Comfort

Inspired by the tragic tsunamis that hit Japan last year, Australian houseboat builder Matt Duncan decided to design and construct the ultimate lifejacket. What he came up with was the Tsunami Survival Pod, designed to protect up to four passengers from rushing waters and dangerous debris.

The pod is made from the same materials Duncan uses to build his houseboats, including spiral-welded steel that is capable of enduring under six tonnes of weight. Just like a car, it also has strategically designed crumple zones to absorb any impact and protect passengers. A set of rally-style moulded racing seats complete with five-point safety harnesses further minimises those inside from bouncing around, while bulletproof windows let in reassuring light for those who might be claustrophobic.

When the pod is completely sealed, it has enough oxygen for two and a half hours, although inward-opening access panels can be opened to let in air as needed. It comes with an $8500 price tag, but that's a small price to pay for something that could guarantee your life.

[Gold Coast via Popular Science]

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