At Just Over A Metre Wide, Is This The World's Thinnest House?

Call a shoebox home? Trust me, you're doing awesomely compared to the poor sap who'll eventually reside in this 133cm-wide "house" in Warsaw, Poland. Designed by architect Jakub Szczęsny, "Keret House", as it's called, measures a meagre 14.5m², barely enough living space for, well, a person, let alone furniture.

The official website for the project states Keret House is 133cm at its widest point, while other sources suggest it's only 122cm. 72cm appears to be the consensus on its thinnest point.

According to CNET, it'll draw power from adjacent buildings and a "boat-inspired water and sewage system" will take care of hygiene demands. The stairs also "flatten" to provide easier access to the outside world.

I'm no structural engineer, but wouldn't it have been better as a rectangle, rather than a triangle? Sure, it looks sleeker with three sides, but there's all that wasted space.

The building is still under construction, with completion planned sometime next month. A couple of extra shots can be found below.

[Centrala, via CNET]

Images: Centrala


    If you read the original article, you'll discover it is an art installation and it doesn't seem that it is meant to be lived in. There seems to be a lot of wasted space behind the stairs, which could more sensibly have been placed much further back.

    "I’m no structural engineer, but wouldn’t it have been better as a rectangle, rather than a triangle?"

    Triangles are the strongest thing ever... EVER!!!!!

      or sunlight?

      Actually, a sphere is the strongest shape as far as I know, but I don't think he's talking about strength, he's wondering how to design his TV cabinet to make best use of the space at the back end of the triangle.

    Perhaps, given the single window (as shown in the images), the slanted wall of a triangle reflects sunlight back down into the living area

    Didnt you guys post this about a year ago?

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