Asus Transformer Prime Gets Australian Jelly Bean Update

Aussie Transformer Prime owners, if you've been hanging out for Android 4.1, also known as "Jelly Bean", it looks like the update was pushed through yesterday evening, so there's nothing stopping you from installing the new version on the Tegra 3-powered tablet.

Ausdroid was tipped off to the news late last night. Comments on the story suggest that some users were having trouble grabbing the update, probably due to traffic, but things might be better this morning as the initial rush has died down (you'd hope).

To see if you can update, just browse to "Settings", then "Check for Update". If you're experiencing difficulties with the update not appearing, Ausdroid commenter "Sandman_Rides" recommends the following steps:

If you get the no update available, try this. Go to settings- apps- all- DMClient- clicked clear cache AND force stop... restarted the tablet and check system update again and you should be right. Worked for me.

If you do grab the update, let us know how you go!




    The update make the prime work a lot better. Google now is cool.

    A bit laggy upon first/second boot, but after that it settled down and is working buttery smooth.

    *Transformer Prime....

    Now they just need to roll it out for my Infinity...

    Just installed it. So far seems to have made my Prime a but slower

    Thanks, I didn't realise this update was available until I read this! As Nicholas said, bit slow upon the first two reboots but now it's all silky smooth, very cool.

    And my Virgin Incredible S is still on Gingerbread FFS

    4.1 Installed perfectly, downside is no more Flash support (why do web developers keep using Flash when so many mobile devices like iPhones don't support it?)
    Really happy with my Transformer Prime - Asus has been very fast to solve issues (e.g. sent out free GPS Extension kits when that was an issue) and now quick availability move to Jelly Bean. Very happy and no issues.

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