Asus Padfone 2 Is Coming In October

Normally when journalists get an invite from a tech company like Samsung or Apple, it's cryptic. There are a few hints as to what we'll see when the event finally comes around that kick the rumour mill into high-gear. Not Asus, though. Asus has said that it's going to show everyone the Asus Padfone 2 in Taiwan and Italy come-October 16.

You've got to respect Asus for doing this. It means nobody can over-excite themselves about Asus launching something completely mad like a space program or something before the event actually rolls around. Managing the hype is a great idea.

We liked the original Padfone when it came out, hopefully the Padfone 2 fixes the few things we didn't like and perfects the hybrid phone/tablet format.

What should be in the new Padfone? [Phandroid]



    Padphone? Come on. Phablet!

      No, it's a padphone, because the phone and tablet are separate, but can combine together. A Phablet is something like a Galaxy Note, which is basically a phone with a huge screen.

    Is this why the original has never been fully released? I'd heard rumours about the Padfone 2 even during the MWC 2012 conference but I didn't put any stock in them. I'd really want a Padfone 1 or 2 but the Samsung S3 came out first, so I got that. It's not that I wanted an S3 more than a Padfone, either.

    I'd rather just get the SGN2.

    Id like to see switching between sim cards. When the data on the pad is exhausted, you can switch to the phone's data to keep surfing. Also, accept/make calls via pad, send links via sms, shared resources (web page favourites, contacts etc available on both devices) - you know, all the things that you wish the stupid Ipad and Iphone would do easily. Written on my ipad, wishing i could send the link via my iphone easily.....

      The phone physically goes inside the tablet. So technically everything you do on the tablet gets done on the phone as well. Plus you can make calls with a bluetooth stylus.

      Sending links via sms and shared resources are all core features of Android already too.

      it already does all that, except the data thing
      the whole point is to pay for 1 data plan

    Really interested in this, Padfone 1 kinda a let down in spec wise.

    Probably my first Android gadget if I buy this. Asus always make top notch gears.

    Bare minimum specs I'm guessing are:
    1.5ghz or faster quad core processor
    Decent GPU
    16gb on the phone
    GPS, Bluetooth, etc

    Hoping for:
    Solid design and decent build quality. No flexi plastic please!
    Expandable memory slots on both the phone and tablet
    Some kind of ability to change certain things when docked in the tablet
    4G compatible with our bands
    NFC on the phone
    1080p on the tablet, 720p on the phone (not pentile!)
    And I'm hoping Asus will pull a wildcard by adding 802.11ac as well... but I know that's not likely to happen.

    I was one of the first guys who jumped and bought the Padfone as soon as it was released in Taiwan i.e. after a long wait. Oh, what a let down when ASUS announces the Padfone 2 just after a few months of the Padfone release.

    saw the padfone in action yesterday, its was great! I dont see what the problem with the current specs are it seems fast, Asus hasn't loaded it with any bloatware, just the bare minimal which is great.
    2.5ghz dual core, 1GB ram, 16G HDD and SD up to 64Gig, cant really go wrong with that.

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