Arcade Coin Slot Belt Would Be Creepy If It Wasn't So Awesome

The light-up coin slot belt buckle is made from recycled arcade game parts. It not only holds your pants up, but it doubles as a great date-repellant.

Just a dollar a pop, baby. If that's something you can see yourself saying to a potential date, then this tool for tricking someone into focusing on your junk can be yours for $US90 on Etsy. An awesomely nerdy accessory. Baby. [Geekologie]


    "but it doubles as a great date-repellant"

    Unless said potential date is a geek, in which case it's the opposite of what you said :P


    $90? That's a load of dates to get your money back before you even start making a profit!

    They probably have a Ladies version that only takes $100 bills... Just like the 'real' poker machines

    whats a 25 cent slot? how about 20 cents the way it was here !!!

      It's an American Etsy product smartarse. Secure some 20c ones and they might make a variant. :P

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