Apple Might Bring Siri Voice Control To Macs

Dictation on the Mac is pretty nice for what it is, but Apple isn't the first to pull that off. According to a new patent application, it might now be eyeing something more ambitious: full Siri control on the Mac.

Here's an excerpt from a revised application:

The electronic device may process voice commands locally or voice commands processing may be performed remotely. For example, the electronic device may transmit one or more recorded voice commands and associated contextual information to computing equipment such as a desktop computer.

Now, that comes with all the usual hold-ups with patents. It could just be Apple spit-balling. It could be defensive. Or it could be one of the 50 dozen other reasons this wouldn't see the light of day. But Siri on the Mac — if Siri ever gets good — is a promising idea, and this shows it's at least crossed Apple's mind. [Patently Apple]

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