Apple Maps Aren't Just Crap, They're Downright Dangerous

We've had a good laugh at Apple's expense when it comes to Maps, and I've given the company quite a serve in the review for such a fundamental product failure in the new iPhone 5, but now it's getting serious. Apple Maps, as Robert Hills has pointed out to us, is downright dangerous.

Lets say, oh I don't know, you've been stabbed, or are having a heart attack or something. 'Quick!' you'll gasp. 'To the nearest hospital!' you'll wheeze. Let's say you were travelling in Queensland for example when this awful event occurred, you'd need say, a gadget to help you locate the nearest medical facility. If you were near the state capital, you'd make your way to Brisbane Hospital. If you're using iOS 6 Maps, you won't find medical aid where the map takes you. No, instead you'll find someone's house.

It's a nice house, but it's probably not one trained to pull sharp things out of you or give you the medication you need to keep on keeping on.

Here's how it works:

For some reason, Apple Maps seems to think that there's a Yeronga Hospital at 22 Riverview Place, Yeronga 4104, Queensland. When you're in the area and search for "hospital", that's what comes up. Checking it on Google Street View, though, reveals an ordinary house in a sleepy Queensland suburb. Oh dear.

My recommendation? Go get Google Earth for iOS until this mapping atrocity is rectified.

Thanks Robert for sending this in.



    This is the first article that actually points out a serious life threatening fault rather than just LOL'ing at bad directions and 3d artifacting.

    IMO this is a pretty serious failure on apples behalf.

    Did anybody notice that the google option took you to a private hospital rather than a public one? What if I don't have private health insurance? Google is horrible!

      Also, google maps sent me 4 places before an actual hospital.

        I'd prefer to end up broke and alive in a private hospital than dead in some random dudes front yard.

        Personal safety/health kinda trumps the possibility of costing you a few bucks.

      then under their duty of care to you as a patient they will stabilise you and put you in an ambulance to transfer to a public care facility.

    Bla bla bla, google maps sends me to places that aren't there all the time too. Closed shops, old listings, gone out of business, wrong listings, etc etc

      Thats actually the problem of the business's closing down and not having their details removed from databases(like white pages and the tax office), if they don't do that google still think they exist, hows that googles fault, just like you moving and not telling any one, then whinging you mails not coming to you

    I think the best apple beta app was Siri when someone asked it "What is the best phone" and Siri said "Android."

    Seriously though, all the Apple fanatics saying "Ring an Ambulance" and it is no big deal. Having had to rush my son to hospital when he was very young with serious convulsions it is no joke people, this mistake is deadly, I hope your not the one who needs accurate directions in an emergency.

      I really hope that if your Son ever has convulsions again you don't rely on Google OR Apple maps. The people who need accurate directions are the people who are providing care on the way to a hospital.

      Son having convulsions? If I remember my dispatch days correctly (and assuming your state/territory was using AMPDS or something similar) they're usually lights and sirens (continuous/multiple seizures, eg lasting longer than 5 mins) or immediate road speed response. Self-transport in an actual medical/traumatic emergency is not smart in the metro areas. Unless you live really close to a local hospital with an appropriate ED, in which case I hope you don't need a GPS.

    So easy to comment in the calm light of day.

    Try thinking straight when you 2 year old son appears to be dying in front of your eyes.

      I admit that I have never been in that situation but if I was I can only assume that I would call 000 rather than open google maps and search for a hospital. I honestly can't see how anybody would choose the google option

        I truly hope you never find out, it will certainly change your outlook on life and other people's decisions at times of stress.

        We live 8 km from the nearest hospital. When I was a kid, I had to be hospitalised about 5 times, and the ambulance service was too unreliable, so my parents always drove me there. The parents of a friend of mine relied on the ambulance. I'm still here, she isn't. Having had to make a 000 call recently, I can still see wisdom in their approach. It's not universal, but it is a plausable approach for any number of scenarios not covered by your assumption.

          number one point is your parents knew where the hospital was, the only one to have an excuse is a tourist or immigrant, and surely the location of the hospital should be one of your first priorities

    Just searched for hospital in apple maps on ios6 and it showed me exactly where the closest hospital is, and I know that a hospital is there because it is on my street. Yes we all know google maps are better but can we stop the hyperbole .

    It seems that anyone with even the slightest negative word about any Apple product is accused of iHate or a vendetta against Apple... so defensive!!! Unbelievable...

    ... or maybe you could just dial 000, seeing as it is a phone we're talking about.
    I'm sure someone at emergency services will kindly guide you in the right direction using their Google (or maybe Sensis?, anyone know what they use?) maps... :P

      When I worked for QAS comms we had three mapping programs - one in the dispatch software which was pretty useless, another one which had a LOT more detail but was absurdly slow, and we'd unofficially use Google Maps. I don't know who fed the data for the first two - the Computer-Aided Dispatch software's map was borderline useless at finding things, but the other mapping app was far superior to Google Maps. I'm guessing it was part Sensis data combined with other services, because it had pretty much every business and every property in Queensland.

    Just searched for hospitals in maps on my iPhone 4 running iOS6 and it came up with 2 vets and an auto hospital. Then I ran the same search using where is (unmetered usage for Telstra customers) and got all 3 hospitals.

    The fact is that there are other mapping aps out there if one doesn't work for you try another.

    But what ever floats your boat

    Today marks an important day when the quality of Gizmodos journalism is on par with

    Every product has flaws, but when there is an obvious bias and hatred towards a product it makes me think the site is run by a bunch of 12 year old morons.

      They haven't blamed Gillard for anything yet though. ;p

    Apple use to tout 'It Just Works'. Seems they ran out of polish on ios6 and iPhone 5.

    The iPhone / any other smart phone is better argument is summed up well in TISM's "If you're creative, get stuffed." from Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance.
    I'd post the lyrics, but the are far too many swear words.

    Just one last comment re the Apple maps and people saying "Just ring 000"

    My phone has voice activated directions. If I was in the same situation with my son whilst in my car, I would just say "Navigate to nearest hospital" I would then get turn by turn voice navigation to the nearest hospital. Which to me would be much faster than pulling my car over to the side of the road waiting for an Ambulance.

    As far as getting directions over the phone from 000 to the nearest hospital in a strange area whilst under stress is just asking for trouble.

    Anyway I am done.

      Except neither Apple nor Googles mapping applications have ever supported spoken directions in Australia anyway. It's a valid complaint you have, but the application being replaced didn't do that either.

      Frankly, those that are dependant on maps on iOS should look at the paid alternatives. If you don't use it while driving, theres still

        LOL what did you just say??? Oh. You mean on apple devices?

        Because Googles map apps have had spoken navigation turn by turn for 4+ years.

          Yes, I mean on Apple devices. I stated in a post just below that Google Maps on Android is fantastic. The iOS version has been pretty poor in comparison for some time.

      If it were a "real" emergency don't you think it would be safer to you know, call an ambulance instead of getting lost on the way to the hospital? You'd be putting your son, yourself and other road users at risk by rushing to the hospital not knowing where to go. The lack of common sense in these comments amazes me...

    And all the people that had the old maps version running while they drove were constantly taking their eyes off the road to read directions since the old application didn't support spoken turn by turn. Thats hardly safe either.

    Neither the new app or the old one are particularly good mapping applications. On Android Google maps is fantastic, but you're kidding yourself if you think it was ever great on iOS. But, some people are ok with just looking at static maps. If thats you, then navigate to and lo and behold, you can still access Google maps.

    I live in a small city where the two hospitals were knocked down and relocated about 15 years ago..... Apple maps show these hospitals in their old locations, (now built up residential areas. ) it makes me wonder where on earth apple got their data from!?!?!? Very poor, apple. Very poor.

    I don't mean to complain, but I do wonder if Luke actually looked at the images before posting.

    If you look at the Google results Greenslopes Private Hospital is B. Not A.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I believe that the creator of these images has selectively chosen destinations to exaggerate the issue. Shenanigans I say, shenanigans!

      Presumably because the starting point is 'A'

        When actually in the directions view the points are A and B in green, and it only shows those 2 points (tested on on iPad and Windows PC using Chrome). If the shot was taken of the actual directions view then it would also have a highlighted path.

        The red marker indicates that the shot was taken of the results page. I am pretty sure the result page is the only one with the small un-labelled red dots. In the Google popup for the hospital (white box above the B) it has a "directions" button on the left. It wouldn't have a directions button if it was already in directions view.

        I repeat my previous claim: Shenanigans!

      oh really now... apple doesn't even know where their own shop is...

    My new maps give me short cuts to get to hospital . A pity the roads just aren't there. Bring back the old maps.

    I'd like to an important bit of info here (given I live in Yeronga) - the map locates correctly to the historic war-time Yeronga Hospital. If you go to street view, do a 180.


      Correct; the old Army hospital... which was closed many, many years go.
      4104 FTW ;)

    Um... Honestly - go to and add it to you home screen - personally I rearly use maps and I'm pretty sure in this situation I would just dial 000 and report an emergency (not look at my mobile and decide to drive myself to the hospital) - I really dislike the fact that apple have given a reason for anti iPhone users to have something to say about a wonderful phone - I got mine on launch date while i was on holiday up in QLD and every time I had to use the maps feature it worked fine - I'm over 1 in every 3 articles being a rubbish maps article........ If your really annoyed with ios6 maps then you can still use google maps - it's the Same thing as ios5... Enjoy :S

    Call 000 and don't put your life in the hands of any app you idiot.

    Sweet fate there is a lot of hostility on the comments board! Sound proof of John Gabriel's greater internet dickwad theory.

    The hospital, police and fire station in my town in north qld is marked on the map as being in a river. Only problem is the river doesn't exist on ios6 map, it's quite obvious in the satellite view however that there is no hospital and actually a river. Yes agreed - ios6 maps are dangerous...

    This latest iphone and ios coverage is quite frankly embarrassing. First your review of the iPhone 5 recommends buying a 4s because of black bars and a maps app, now you're posting yet another ridiculous ACA or today tonight quality article trying desperately to drum up a scandal about the same maps app. What knd of hobo uses the built in maps app so frequently for public transport that its a make or break issue? Heard of buying a car, or learning to read a bus schedule? Frankly you should be ashamed of yourselves, this coverage is embarrassingly unprofessional.

    year but people but apple products because "things just work" ..... or they did until they changed the connector now nothing works anymore for me anymore ......

    Err should read

    yes but people buy apple products because “things just work” ….. or they did until they changed the connector now nothing works for me anymore ……

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