Apple Maps Aren’t Just Crap, They’re Downright Dangerous

Apple Maps Aren’t Just Crap, They’re Downright Dangerous

We’ve had a good laugh at Apple’s expense when it comes to Maps, and I’ve given the company quite a serve in the review for such a fundamental product failure in the new iPhone 5, but now it’s getting serious. Apple Maps, as Robert Hills has pointed out to us, is downright dangerous.

Lets say, oh I don’t know, you’ve been stabbed, or are having a heart attack or something. ‘Quick!’ you’ll gasp. ‘To the nearest hospital!’ you’ll wheeze. Let’s say you were travelling in Queensland for example when this awful event occurred, you’d need say, a gadget to help you locate the nearest medical facility. If you were near the state capital, you’d make your way to Brisbane Hospital. If you’re using iOS 6 Maps, you won’t find medical aid where the map takes you. No, instead you’ll find someone’s house.

It’s a nice house, but it’s probably not one trained to pull sharp things out of you or give you the medication you need to keep on keeping on.

Here’s how it works:

For some reason, Apple Maps seems to think that there’s a Yeronga Hospital at 22 Riverview Place, Yeronga 4104, Queensland. When you’re in the area and search for “hospital”, that’s what comes up. Checking it on Google Street View, though, reveals an ordinary house in a sleepy Queensland suburb. Oh dear.

My recommendation? Go get Google Earth for iOS until this mapping atrocity is rectified.

Thanks Robert for sending this in.