Apple Maps Aren't Just Crap, They're Downright Dangerous

We've had a good laugh at Apple's expense when it comes to Maps, and I've given the company quite a serve in the review for such a fundamental product failure in the new iPhone 5, but now it's getting serious. Apple Maps, as Robert Hills has pointed out to us, is downright dangerous.

Lets say, oh I don't know, you've been stabbed, or are having a heart attack or something. 'Quick!' you'll gasp. 'To the nearest hospital!' you'll wheeze. Let's say you were travelling in Queensland for example when this awful event occurred, you'd need say, a gadget to help you locate the nearest medical facility. If you were near the state capital, you'd make your way to Brisbane Hospital. If you're using iOS 6 Maps, you won't find medical aid where the map takes you. No, instead you'll find someone's house.

It's a nice house, but it's probably not one trained to pull sharp things out of you or give you the medication you need to keep on keeping on.

Here's how it works:

For some reason, Apple Maps seems to think that there's a Yeronga Hospital at 22 Riverview Place, Yeronga 4104, Queensland. When you're in the area and search for "hospital", that's what comes up. Checking it on Google Street View, though, reveals an ordinary house in a sleepy Queensland suburb. Oh dear.

My recommendation? Go get Google Earth for iOS until this mapping atrocity is rectified.

Thanks Robert for sending this in.



    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Considering it's the latest phone to come out can not see an issue with negative or positive reviews.
      You don't like it don't read it
      No i do not know Luke either

      Remember Apple promotes their products as "insanely great". Remember, they promote themselves as THE high tech innovators. When they publicly release an app that clearly shouldn't be out of beta who's to blame? The map app is poor because Apple made it that way.


        Stop b!tching. Gizmodo has always been full of apple fanboys.. It's good to finally hear some negative things about your "almighty" iPhone.

      What is hating about reporting the facts?

      This isn't Luke's story, it is from someone else and it is definitely newsworthy. You just need to grow up.

      I was a apple iphone 4 userbut didnt upgraded to any of the devices as due to lack of innovation by apple , they make minor increments to each model and term it as next big thing , also thier strategy to remove a big competitor from market (samsung) , pissed me off badly . I mean they are unable to compete on terms of innovation and afraid of competition. On the other side samsung made major overhaul and innovation with its each model helped me to change my decision to adopt latest smartphone galaxy S III which is marvellous piece of technology.

        Good story bro, but you forgot to add the bit about seeing the light and recanting your love of Apple.

      Thank you Julie! I though I was the only one who noticed! Luke I understand apple maps are a disappointment but you are coming across a bit bias lately (iPhone 5 review for example).

        +1 Definitely getting old reading about all the bitching about Maps in iOS 6. I use maps around regional NSW and the satellite imagery & turn by turn directions works perfectly. Even searching for hospital points me to multiple hospitals around the area without problems. Apple have already acknowledged issues with Maps and are fixing it, find something new to bitch about and bring us some stories worth reading.

        Bias in this case meaning "you are saying bad stuff about my beloved product".

      Apple will hire google map makers and copy google.

      Perhaps Samsung can hire apple...

      Suck it up Julie. If it has shortcomings we should know about it. I'm trying to make a buying decision and need this kind of information. If it blows in the opinion of this writer, then great, that's one opinion. I'll look for a few before laying down the bucks. If you have some deep seated issue with an opinion site providing one then maybe you should use Apple maps to find a nice place to hang out for a while. By the sounds of it though, you might not get there...

      haha you're butthurt by his article.. lol it's a true story and you don't like it aww

      His post is very relevant. He has every right to hate, you have every right to not read. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. What is Apple's slogan? "Just works"? Apparently it does not. Stop being an apologist.

    searching for a hospital in Melbourne works just fine? it might just be in isolated cases that this happens?

      I've noticed the same thing in my home town in regional Victoria, the high school is listed in Maps as a hospital that's 60km away! You'd really hope that with something such as hospitals some QA would have been done beforehand.

      The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne is in the wrong location on Apple Maps. I went to visit a friend on Friday and thankfully double checked Google Maps or I would have ended up a few blocks away.

    Call an ambulance like a sensible person?

      Assuming that it comes after all the cutbacks to QLD health.

      Dumb ... Not every hospital trip for treatmnet requires an ambulance.

        And I am sure that wasn't the only result for hospital. If you're in an non-emergency situation then look at the search result and make a decision about which is best.

        As I mentioned, the Google comparison is a private hospital, so it may not be the best result for everybody either.

        If it doesn't require an ambulance then logically it's not life threatening so. TL;DR You are in fact the idiot.

      You mean like this....

    If they can't get Hospitals right, can't expect them to get anything smaller correct :-S How could they release something this incomplete to users used to a Google maps experience?

    I wonder if this kind of slipup will lead to lawsuits.....I'm sure people have been successfully sued for less than directing someone AWAY from hospitals.....

    Please Julie! I think Luke has every reason to be fuming!

    One day you have a working map system with street view, traffic, public transport and the key "feature" of working and then one day Apple takes that away and leave us all with a stinking pile of... It's not iHate - it's iAnger!

    Oh my God! Google maps, Tomtom et al... They are never wrong. I REALLY wish Apple would not MAKE me use their mapping solutions and that I was actually able to think for myself, rather than blindly doing what the GPS tells me to do ...

      I don't dispute this but how many stories does there need to be to say what we already know!! Maps is not great and it will take time to get it right...yes yes we KNOW! Blah blah blah .. Is that the best journalism he knows .. Come on !

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      And if you don't know where you are what good will thinking do? Ah yes, "I think I should've been better prepared".

      Erm, Apple Maps are based off TomTom. Not sure where it screwed up in the development, but something had to have made it this crappy.

        If they were based off TomTom they would be good! TomTom has been doing nav software for quite some time now. Don't drag their good name down, sure I would not be surprised to see apple poaching employees from them, but if IOS6 was using TomTom software I would then be surprised by all these reports about bad mapping in IO6. I use the TomTom app on a Iphone 4, (and yes it costs like $70 aud on appstore last time I checked and a yearly subscription fee for traffic updates) have never trusted googlemaps for nav, it was never great for that anyway.

          TomTom and Apple have stated that the new iOS maps system uses TomToms maps, however how the application makes use of the maps is another matter and this is where the problem lies. TomTom aren't to blame even though it is using their maps.

    Have I missed something? While Apple maps is very poor and far poorer quality that google maps, the Apple website clearly states that turn by turn navigation is not meant to work in Australia until sometime in October. So why are people expecting it to be working perfectly now? I know we can all expect clearer messages on this and promotion from Apple, but somehow this point seems to have been missed. There is no doubt of course that Apple needs to fix maps quickly to avoid it backfiring on them more severely than it already has. First time they have actually downgraded something on their phone - customers won't stand for it for long.

    Are you serious, I just cancelled my Iphone 5 order because of the crap quality of IOS6, particularly Maps. I have been using iphones since they came out and apple is tired and just putting out stuff to keep competition at bay rather than innovating. Maps should be withdrawn it is so bad and so lacking compared to google maps.

      You've got to be kidding! You cancelled your order because the maps app has some problems? It's not like it doesn't work at all, in fact I've yet to find a problem with it in my area (Sydney), plus you still have access to both Google Maps (pin browser page to your homepage) and many, many very good nav apps in the app store (both free and commercial). Oh, and you still have the Google Earth app for iOS.

      Remember also that the previous Apple Maps app didn't have turn by turn so was useless for driving, you must have already downloaded a 3rd party nav app that does have turn by turn surely? Everyone who needed turn by turn did. Well that app will still work fine on the iPh5 or other iOS 6 device.

      The hysteria over the new Apple Maps app is beyond belief, you'd think the phone was used for nothing else and that there were no other nav apps available for it. Calm down and get a bit of perspective, apps have bugs, bugs get fixed, in the meantime find another app, there's no shortage of them to choose from.

      Try a Lumia when they release, they look delicious and I wanna hear about it. Plus it'll probably have both Nokia maps as well as the home baked WinPho ones included.

        And while you wait for WP8 Lumia,

        Dave, until now I was probably a bigger evangelist of apple products than you. I use my iPad , and in paticular google maps for my property business.
        For apple to replace a perfectly good program like google maps and replace it with something vastly inferior like apple maps is unforgivable and extremely arrogant.
        I will have to buy an android device and soon.
        I am thinking of inviting my local media to a public burning of my iPad!

    Get over it Luke. U're carry on like a pissy troll now. How may articles is it now in the past couple of days? Once and for all, we get it! Google maps is better. So use google maps instead and stfu already :)

      To me the iOS 6 map app is indicative of serious problems at Apple. Its not that someone else's map app is better but that Apple choose to release a new product with beta software (and didn't tell anyone it was beta).

      On a different note with iOS 6 on an iPad 2 the Settings app keeps closing without warning after I make a few selections.

    I don’t dispute this but how many stories does there need to be to say what we already know!! Maps is not great and it will take time to get it right…yes yes we KNOW! Blah blah blah .. Is that the best journalism he knows .. Come on !

      I don't dispute your comment, but how many comments do you need to make for us to say we already know!!!

    Well I just tried this on Google Maps on my phone (search for "hospital") and it showed me how to get to the local veterinary clinic!

    I suppose that is slightly better than a random bloke's house though...

      A vet clinic IS a hospital.

      hos pi tal [hos-pi-tl]
      - an institution in which sick or injured persons are given medical or surgical treatment.
      - a similar establishment for the care of animals.

        Right, but as a search result it still sucks. Most people would use the term hospital as a clinic for humans, if they wanted to treat animals they would search for a "vet".

        If you are calling the Apple result dangerous because it doesn't get you to where you expected, then ending up at a vet that with any chance is closed after 5PM is probably just as useless as someones home address.

      Sorry for duplicate

    iPhone, it just works!

      ...against you.

    Nice Apple hating today Gizmodo. Quick lets look cool and jump on the bandwagon to hate Apple!

    It just makes Gizmodo look unprofessional and sheep-like.

      Yeah! Break the mold and stop being a sheep!

      Start blindly praising Apple! Because that's what non-sheep do.

    Why are people so suprised that some apple software is crap? Apple's own software is almost always crap. It's just that the people who use it don't have a lot of IT knowledge, haven't tried alternatives, or are to big of an apple zombie to accept it, (or more commonly.. all 3).

      No, it's the ones that don't have IT knowledge that deem Apple as "crap". They don't understand the technical reasons as to what actually makes a product good or crap, instead just jump on the biased bandwagon to get their facts.

      I deploy hundreds of Android mobile devices at work, we also have a dozen Apple devices in the deployment. Guess which mobile device have more issues? Android. They are always dropping calls, having applications crash etc. while the Apple devices have been working solidly since day 1.

        Hahaha I guess you do tech support right? Barely qualifies as IT knowledge. Developers and engineers, those with true IT knowledge, will never settle for an iPhone.

    Spare us all Luke and quit your little vendetta against apple. Incredibly poor review i might add.

      Then GTFO.

        Thanks Luke I think I too have become sick and tired if your style and the vile and hateful audience (the most vocal seem to be). Your suggestion to GTFO is actually the best advice I've read on gizmodo for some time. And I intend to take it.

          I'm over it too. Write us some more stories about maps tomorrow Luke. I can't wait to read another story about how u don't like the maps because I'm not sure we quite get it yet.

          Let's work on getting rid of Jesus Diaz next.

        Very professional. Channelling Jesus Diaz?

          Nope. Just tired of people dragging down the discussion on the site. Honestly, I'm trying to moderate this discussion like I would if we were all out at a pub grabbing a drink. If you can't see yourself saying it to someone's face in that scenario, it's not appropriate to be said. It's that simple.

    Step 1: Call a damn ambulance
    Step 2: When you are better, click the "Report A Problem" button.

    I just searched for hospitals in Brisbane and while it did find businesses with hospital in their name (such as a hospital supply company) it did also find my nearest hospital.

    I honestly think some of the discussion around maps is just the novelty. There are probably thousands of problems with google maps but everybody has stopped looking. Not saying there aren't issues, I just think more people are looking for issues.

    Sounds like Apple need to DIG UP Steve Jobs to get them back on the right road...LoL.

    just puts a smile on my face when i know i made to right decision and got myself an S3 instead of waiting for this. No wonder Apple have resorted to legal action against its rivals, but that can only get you so far.

    Can't make or devolop own hardware. Last two innovations siri and maps released unfinished and embarissing. Everyone goes buys the most expensive pine available. Don't get it. Have a look

    Google doesn't need to go with 3-D maps, it needs to go with updates of the existing Google maps - direct from satellite - live. Apple Maps will be dead and not dying.

    If you really believe this is a dangerous thing, how about telling people how they can help.

    If you tap/peel back the bottom right corner of the maps application there's a "Report a Problem" button. From there you can send an error report. If you're all going to complain about it, at least learn how to help fix it.

    "Thanks Robert for sending this in."

    Yea Luke, stop posting the iHate of people pointing out valid safety issues /sarcasm

    If Steve Jobs was alive, someone would have their arse kicked. Seems employees in apple are getting too relaxed and lazy.

    hahaha apple is failing so hard

    My first thought was that this is starting to get boring - Apple Maps sucks, we get it.

    Then I thought that, honestly, I would expect the location of HOSPITALS to be a minimum level of functionality. If Apple can't be bothered getting that sort of detail right, then they are releasing products that run counter to their own philosophy.

    I think I can keep living with iOS5 until they start picking up their game - or I switch to Android.It's kida 50/50 at the moment.

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