Apple iPhone 5 Meta Liveblog: All The News As It Happened

It's that time again. Time for another Apple iPhone announcement. From the iPhone 5 to new iPods and new Apple EarPod headphones, here's how all the news broke overnight...

Whether you joined Giz Australia for our live blog (see below) or were fast asleep, did Apple give you what you wanted? Excited? Underwhelmed? Tell us in the comments!

- Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need To Know

- iTunes 11 On Its Way With A Streamlined Look And New Features

- iOS 6 Will Arrive On Sept 19 With Better Siri, New Maps, Revamped iMessage

- Apple Rolls Out New In-Ear Headphones That Might Actually Not Be So Bad

- Finally, A New iPod Touch, Gorgeous iPod Nanos And New iPod Shuffles

- Apple: No NFC For You, Maybe In One Year!

And We're Live!

[3:00] People are just taking their seats for the event, the lights have just gone down and Tim Cook has taken the stage.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:02] He's starting off by talking about Apple retail and how they built them.

[3:03] Now there's a video of the stores. There are people in Barcelona going nuts for Apple on that video.

[3:04] 83 million people visited an Apple Store last year. Wonder how many just for the Genius Bar or the free Wi-Fi?

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:05] Tim is moving quickly. Now onto Mac and Mountain Lion, which he reveals has been downloaded 7 million times since its launch.

[3:06] Boasts about notebook market share in the US: "Together with the MacBook Air our notebooks rank #1 in the US in marketshare for the last 3 months."

[3:10] More chest beating, now about the iPad. 96 per cent of Fortune 500 companies now use iPads and they're making custom apps for them too. "That's not something they do on PCs."

[3:11] There are over 700k apps in the App Store, with 250k of those just for iPad.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:13] "We have some exciting news about the new iPhone." Phil Schiller takes the stage to talk about it.

[3:13] Yet another history lesson on the iPhone from Phil. We do this every time it seems...

Meet The iPhone 5

[3:14] "Today, we're introducing iPhone 5." Looks like that's the name then. None of this "new iPhone business".

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:15] It just rose up out of the stage and now it's rotating. It's got a metal back just like the leaks. Made entirely of glass and aluminium. No plastic here.

[3:16] 18 per cent thinner than the iPhone 4S at 7.6mm thick, and it's 20 per cent lighter at 112 grams. It's so thin you guys.

[3:17] It's bigger, too. It's got a 326ppi retina display across a 4-inch screen now, not 3.5-inch. The resolution is 1136 x 640, giving it a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:17] Thanks to that bigger screen, Apple's added a new row of icons. Apple is also updating all of its iWork and iLife software for the new screen. That's iMovie, GarageBand, iLife, Pages, Keynote.

[3:18] So how will apps deal with the new screen real estate? Apple's not actually going to stretch them. They'll insert black bars around the edges and centre the app itself.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:19] Phil says that devs are quick to fix their apps for changing Apple devices.

[3:20] The display has better colour saturation than the iPhone 4S. 44 per cent better colour saturation.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:21] The display accuracy has also been improved, Phil says. Touchscreen sensors have been integrated "right into the display".

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:22] The new iPhone does have LTE. But will it have LTE for Australia...? Read: probably not.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:23] Hold the phone! Phil is listing carriers that will support LTE around the world.

"Telstra, Optus and Virgin Mobile..." score a mention! Woohoo!

[3:24] And now onto the new A6 chip. It's 22 per cent smaller in physical size but it's also 2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics. More: Apple's New A6 Chip Is Smaller And Mightier

Left image courtesy of Ars Technica. Right courtesy gdgt

[3:25] We're being shown specs that it launches apps up to 2x faster than on the iPhone 4S.

[3:26] We're now getting the obligatory gaming demo. Rob Murray, exec producer from EA is up on stage now.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:27] The graphics are being built to "full console quality". That's a big promise, Rob. We're now being shown rear-view mirrors in a driving game. I'm not much of a mobile gamer, though so I can't say I'm hugely excited. What's your favourite iPhone game?

[3:28] Game Center might actually be useful now: Rob is saying that time-shifted multi-player means you can challenge your friend to a game one day, and have them play you the following day. And now that's Rob done. Bye Rob!

[3:29] Phil returns to the stage. Here to talk battery.

[3:29] Apple is promising big things for this battery. 9 hours of 3G talk time, 3G browsing time, LTE browsing time and 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 of video playback, 40 of music playback and a 225 hour standby time.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:30] Now we're onto the camera. It's 25 per cent smaller than the last one, which is bad news for cameras, but Phil is promising it's still 8-megapixels with backside illumination, a hybrid-IR filter, five-element lens and an aperture of f/2.4.

[3:31] We're being promised better low-light support, too. Mobile cameras are terrible when the Sun goes down.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:33] Phil makes a joke on the camera demo that the shots we're seeing are untouched. There's laughter. Poor Nokia.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:33] There's now a native panorama feature. You hold your phone vertically and sweep, so it's taking another image with each pass. The photo we're seeing of the San Francisco bay is 28-megapixels once it's stitched together.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:35] The Facetime (front-facing) camera has also been updated to support 720p, and you can do Facetime calls over cellular.

[3:36] There's also three mics on this thing now. One on the front, one in the back and one on the front. The earpiece has also been updated for noise-cancellation.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:37] Now we're moving onto the dock connector.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:37] "So much has changed since 2003...we use wireless now for the things we used to use cable for," says Phil.

[3:38] The new cable and connector is called Lightning, like we told you late last night. It's to keep with the Thunderbolt theme. It's 80 per cent smaller with better durability, it's reversible, too. All digital cable.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:40] Don't stress, though you 30-pin holdouts. There's going to be an adaptor. Apple's currently "working on it".

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:41] So that's the hardware. Phil hands over the stage to Scott Forstall who is showing us iOS 6. I feel like that's the never ending demo. When will we get it is what I want to know.

More: iOS 6 Will Arrive On Sept 19 With Better Siri, New Maps, Revamped iMessage

[3:41] There's a lot of new hardware around the new iPhone. What's the feature you're most looking forward to? Metal and glass construction? Thinner and lighter? 4G? Better gaming? I'm a fan of thinner and lighter to be honest, but I'm not sold on that two-tone design.

[3:44] We're now getting a look at Flyover, the new aerial feature. I guarantee that will only be used at parties to impress people. "I can see my house from here!"

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:45] Safari is getting a full-screen mode! Finally. Mail is getting a VIP section for, well, VIPs, and flagging is better for messages. That's much needed.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:46] We're now getting a better look at Passbook. Virgin Australia is the only airline I know of that's signed on for Passbook in Australia right now. Here's hoping it catches on.

[3:47] We're now getting another look at Shared Photo Streams via iCloud. This always felt oddly creepy to me.

[3:48] Interestingly, it's almost like Apple's own lite-social network. People can Like various photos in your Photo Stream.

[3:49] And now onto Siri, which is still a useless feature in Australia.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:50] Scott's now looking for movie theatres and sushi restaurants. Nothing groundbreaking here. It's very quick though.

[3:50] There's something cool: Siri just posted a message she was dictated to Facebook. Nice. Moving onto Accessibility enhancements. Apple's made a big deal about this back at WWDC. "We think you're going to love it". Oh. That was brief.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[3:51] Forstall, out! Phil is back up.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[3:52] Onto colours: the iPhone will come in two colours. Black and slate and a white one which features a silver aluminium finish on the back rather than black. Wonder what that's going to look like?

[3:53] Here's the wrap-up video. Sir Jony Ive is chatting about design, as he does. We must be getting close to a release date somewhere around here, right?

Images courtesy of gdgt

[3:55] These internal components are bonkers. Most of this thing is battery and the A6 chip is tiny. No wonder they needed a new dock connector. The camera also has a sapphire lens.

Images courtesy of gdgt

[3:59] And that's the video done. Now, onto pricing.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:00] On a two-year contract in the US, the pricing is the same. 16GB for $US199, 32GB from $US299, 64GB for $US399. 3GS has been ousted from the lineup. iPhone 4 is free on contract, 4S is moved to 16GB-only.

Update: Apple’s recommended retail prices for Australia will be $799 for the 16GB model, $899 for the 32GB model and $999 for the 64GB model.

Apple has also dropped the price of the iPhone 4S to $679, while the iPhone 4 will drop to $449. iOS 6 will be available as a free software update on Wednesday, September 19.

[4:01] Pre-orders start on 14 September, release date is 21 September. Australia is a launch country!

Break open your piggy banks!

[4:04] iOS 6 ships on 19 September.

More: Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need To Know

iTunes Gets An Update

[4:04] Now we're moving onto iTunes and iPods. Eddy Cue is up chatting about the iTunes Store.

More: iTunes 11 On Its Way With A Streamlined Look And New Features

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:05] We're looking at the new App Store design. Devs can already see it but everyone else will get it on September 19.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:07] There are 200 million iTunes in the Cloud users. Wait. Is that iTunes Match or iCloud users with iTunes?

[4:07] Here's a new version of iTunes! Jeff Robin's here to tell us more. Edge-to-edge screen. It chooses albums like an iOS device does. Does anyone browse by album? I just browse by song.

[4:08] Looks like the social features of Ping are going to be integrated into the new iTunes without a name. If you like a band and they share some photos, they just appear in your iTunes. Coldplay's photos are demonstrated.

[4:09] We're likely going to see new iPods. What do you want out of a new iPod? Will they keep the Classic alive? Will we see a 7.85-inch iPod? Maybe...

[4:10] The new iTunes has a dropdown box that on the Now Playing bar that shows you what's coming up without having to leave you're current view. That's nifty. There's a new mini player design, too. It looks just like a Notification.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:10] Search is built into that little mini player window.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:13] iCloud stuff now affects iTunes. Your movies on iTunes sync to the last place they were at when you watched them on mobile.

[4:14] That's the iTunes demo done. New iTunes is coming in late October. New hardware time?

[4:15] Greg Josiwak is here to talk iPod. 350 million iPods sold.

Image courtesy of gdgt

Yep, New iPods...

More: Finally, A New iPod Touch, Gorgeous iPod Nanos And New iPod Shuffles

[4:16] Greg says that Apple wanted to reinvent the Nano. They wanted to give it a better display, better controls and the new Lightning connector. Now here it is. It's so cute!

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:17] New iPod Nano is only 5.4mm thin -- 38 per cent thinner. Physical buttons are along the edges and it's got an adorable 2.5 inch screen. It comes with its own home button and multitouch. How adorable. It's like a baby iPod Touch. It comes in 7 colours.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:19] Video is back on the iPod Nano, and the pedometer and Fitness app is built-in. It's also got Bluetooth so you can stream to headphones and your car audio system.

[4:20] Moving onto the iPod Touch.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:21] New iPod Touch is out. It's the lightest one ever at 88 grams and it's only 6.1mm thin.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:22] This also has the new Lightning connector, the same display as the iPhone 5, built out of aluminium. It's also got a new A5 chip.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:24] Game dev takes the stage to show off a its gaming chops.

[4:26] (Long) demo is over.

[4:27] Greg Josiwak returns to tell us about iPod Touch battery life. 40 hours of music playback, 8 hours of video playback, 5 megapixel camera now too.

[4:28] Panorama mode is also on the iPod Touch, and these images look pretty impressive. No jokes at Nokia's expense, here.

[4:29] "Rivals point and shoot cameras". Not sure about that claim. We'll have to see.

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:30] There's a wrist strap for this thing now, so it looks a hell of a lot like a point and shoot at least, and with iMovie, iPhoto and Wi-Fi, you can edit and post on the go. Err, take that, Android cameras.

Left image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:31] iPod Touch now has Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and now Siri is on the iPod Touch, too! *waves*

[4:32] New colours for the iPod Touch, too! Five choices, each with a coordinated loop. Black, white, red, blue and yellow.

[4:33] Greg wants to chat about speakers, now. Looks like new headphone time.

EarPods: New Headphones

[4:34] Apple introduces new headphones, called EarPods. (When can we say 'told you so' on this stuff?) Watching a video now.

Full details: Apple Rolls Out New In-Ear Headphones That Might Actually Not Be So Bad

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:35] Jony Ive says that making headphones to fit everyone is like trying to make a shoe to fit everyone. These new headphones are "designed to drirect sound into the ear," says Sir Ive.

[4:36] These headphones are shipping as a standalone accessory and that starts today. These are included with the iPod Touch and the iPhone 5, too.

Images courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:38] New prices: iPod Shuffle for $US49, Nano for $US149 coming in October, 16GB Touch cming in at $US199, 32GB at $299, also in October.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:39] Tim returns to stage to show iPod ad!

Image courtesy of gdgt

[4:42] Tim is recapping, saying none of it is possible without great employees.

[4:42] Oh wow. The Foo Fighters are here. Kicking out the jams.

Image courtesy of Ars Technica

[4:43] They're singing Times Like These.

[4:47] Will we see a "One more thing..."? Probably not. That was a Steve thing.

[4:48] Will Dave Grohl unveil the new iPad? Oooh.

[4:49] Another song, this time My Hero.

[4:52] More tunes. This one is called Walk.

[4:53] In the meantime, Apple has update its product pages. Here's the iPhone 5, the iPod Nano, iTunes and the iPod Touch.

[4:55] Pricing update: Nano in Australia will cost $169. iPod Touch is $329.

[4:57] Standing ovation for the Foo Fighters. Yay. Now bring me more gadgets!

[4:58] Tim is back, lapping up that ovation.

Images courtesy of gdgt

[4:59] And that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us this morning for our meta liveblog! We’ll bring you the news as it happens today.

What's Your Take?

[5:00] Which one will you be getting? Or are they all just rubbish? Tell us in the comments!

[5:00] So what did we see today? We got a look at the taller, lighter and thinner, 4G iPhone 5 and a release date for Australia, we saw a new version of iTunes, new EarPod headphones, new iPod Nano and a new iPod Touch.

- Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need To Know

- iTunes 11 On Its Way With A Streamlined Look And New Features

- iOS 6 Will Arrive On Sept 19 With Better Siri, New Maps, Revamped iMessage

- Apple Rolls Out New In-Ear Headphones That Might Actually Not Be So Bad

- Finally, A New iPod Touch, Gorgeous iPod Nanos And New iPod Shuffles

- Apple: No NFC For You, Maybe In One Year!



    what a shitty release... It does panoramas, yawn.

    For a company that 'doesn't sell phones on spec's', that's a buttload of specs and stats.

    yawn, same peoples saying the same things, as always..............yay................yawn

    Now how do I get IOS6 on my galaxy note? or will they put a phone in the ipad mini?

    I'm not sure how Apple manages to release a product like this and not insult their loyal customers. If I were holding a Iphone 4 coming out of contract I wouldn't be lining up for hours to get this, I'd buy a SGS III online with overnight shipping instead. I can't see much competitive behaviour here. Apple is releasing an inferior product and labelling it a game changer. Perhaps Apple needs to spend more time developing rather than litigating.

      You would, but most wouldn't. They'd just buy the best iOS device because they don't want to stuff around switching platforms.

      Gizmodo readers are more likely to switch platforms than the average consumer.

      My contract on my iPhone 4 is up in November, I'll be going for the Slll. :D

    Really? All these months of supposed "leaked information" and "mockups" and it's all true? What a let down. Apple can't even surprise their masses of faithful drones anymore, and once again, they are left playing catchup with the likes of Android and now Windows Mobile, the technology in use isn't even close to the likes of the S3. Also, love the S3 advert smashed in at the bottom right of this page, rather fitting to have the best on the same page as the pretender.

    "We've got SO many apps!"
    Most of them are just garbage.

    "It's made entirely of Aluminium and Glass!"
    Okay, so I guess the battery is made of glass then, as is the logic board.

    etc etc etc

    Am I the only one who thinks that the new iPod's look way too much like the Nokia Lumia's? I smell a lawsuit!

      More like the lumina looks like the 3rd gen iPod nano, colour scheme and all, only longer.

    LOLing at all the butthurt Droidnuts. You guys always get so pissy at iPhone release time. Just sad that your precious phones don't attract as much attention in the press and public? You know these things sell like hotcakes and are angry about that fact. Just watch the sales figures go.....I don't think you'll find everyone jumping ship for an S3, but keep on dreaming.

      Hi James, I don't think anyone who chooses an Android phone over Iphone actually wants Apple to stop producing Iphones. In fact I'm more pissed off that Apple takes steps rather than bounds when they launch their products, because every other phone maker look at Apples market share and are willing to throw endless amounts of money into development of superior products.
      So yes, it is not only insulting to Apple customers that the new handset is far from amazing. But it's more upsetting to the Android community (who outnumber you) that their handset makers are less likely to release revolutionary products that steal market share from Apple.
      How do you like them apples?

        As we've found, when Apple takes bounds, others just follow. Apples incremental, evolutionary changes keep interst going while not tipping off the competition what they're working on years ahead. If Apple produced a liquid metal iPhone with a solar panel touch screen, guess what the others would do? Nothing world shattering but Apple have plenty under wraps for years to come. They're working on bringing the technology to a manufacturing state. Gorilla glass was only experimental until Apple poured hundreds of millions into Corning to get it to manufacturing state within 12 months. Now it's everywhere. TheApple Newton is a classic example of trying to jump ahead without getting it right. It now sits in the Apple hall of shame. What do people expect, a phone that flies across the room when they whistle? Get real.

      I'm not a Droidnut (i have a iPhone4), but with the the 4S and 5, i totally agree with them, they are minor revisions, a bit of spit and polish, nothing remotely special. And i am highly considering an S3.

    The battery life alone is more than enough reason to upgrade IMO. That is what all phones need to concentrate on. What's the good of all these cool apps if your phone craps out after an hour of using them. This is huge news met by a crowd of "whatever's" .....wait until people start using it and realizing, "hey, I havent charged this thing in hours....WTF??" I think this is probably the biggest announcement of the phone altogether, and an epic one to boot. Of course, all other companies will now follow suit which is only a good thing for the industry as a whole. Apple leads the way in the areas that matter once again. Bravo.

      I agree 100% with the battery thing, that's huge!
      But this is a bit wanky: "Apple leads the way in the areas that matter once again" No, all brands have "lead the way" in areas "that matter" all the time with many different launches. Let's not be childishly partisan.
      That battery life sounds amazingly impressive though, I wonder how it's done?

        With a processor that's 20% more efficient than the A5, theres a good start. A great example of why Apple control hardware and software. By the time an Andriod phone get to the sale door, 3 or 4 different companies have modified it to fit their hardware. Who's interests are served first? Biggest failure of that platform.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    stop call this new iPhone 5 as redesign.
    because is same design as iPhone 4 beside taller and thinner.
    this iPhone 5 should change name call iPhone 4 Face Lift.

    Epic fail for Apple, tho the fanbois will buy it with thier eyes closed, "seeing" nothing better dollar for dollar value. Should give WinMo a head start tho!

    New connector - every dock out there is now incompatible and needs an adapter.
    Bigger screen - meh.
    iOS 6 - no new features that the 4S won't also have.

    To sum this up: No reason at all to upgrade if you already have a 4S. I'm safe til next year! :)

    I don't mind Apple products. Some are good, some not so good. But Nokia got slammed last week for releasing a phone that a lot of people accused of not having the "wow" factor. I wonder if the same people will be saying the same thing about the iPhone 5? To be honest, it looks okay, but nothing startling. Especially from a 5th generation device from Apple.

    What happened to the iPos Touch 64GB? There's a step backwards!

    bring Steve Jobs back from the grave!! While I will be getting one anyway as I am a little over my HTC, there definitely should have been more to the iPhone 5.. I was more looking forward to it having NFC.. like i said, a little disappointed but ill be gettin one anyways..

    I think all the phones are now just upping specs.. we have the whole thing touch screen, voice recognition, (and although i hate it!) tied with social media sites, where do we go to from here?. we cant implant them yet, holographic displays are out of reach.. guess its just upping specs till we gain some technological advancement to spark an incredible idea to implement into the next real 'game changer'.

    whats the next big leap for smart phones??

      An internal insertion function for the "true" fan?

      Actually, I'd love a custom build ability to order your own custom assembled smartphone. That really shouldn't bee to hard, because all the bits can be made pretty modular and an OS like Android is pretty adaptable. - I'd love the ability to select the camera type that you want, NFC or no NFC, battery size, Memory, ram, processor type etc...
      Ther'd be thing you couldn't change, like the screen size and the body shape, but even the bodies could come in different colours and textures or materials- aluminium, polycarbonate, bamboo and so on.

      I was also initially looking forward to NFC, but why? I dont know. Maybe I was caught up in what I believe a lot of people do, functions because its a function. Its so limited in the world right now and even more so in Australia. I have NEVER seen anyone pay for anything vie NFC. Its really not a widely adopted system as yet. Many many places are holding back for good reason, because they are not sure its worth investing in something that may not take off. I have definitely changed my mind after watching the interview with Phil Schiller on NFC. Apple would know WAY WAY more than any of us put together if its a viable option or not, if they have decided to not include it, we need to trust them. They havent omitted it because they couldnt be bothered, they omitted it because they don't yet believe it is a viable option.

        NFC takes up a lot of space as well, and for not very much functionality.
        They could get the same things done with the bluetooth that is already in the phone.

        I think that instead of adding radical and quite possibly useless / silly new features, apple has instead gone all out on the build quality, using new and innovative construction methods to create something amazing

    I last had an iPhone at the 3GS stage, and since then I really can't think of anything revolutionary added other than the retina screen on the 4. Have apple really fallen out of touch that badly since they lost Steve?

      Well they don't have to keep putting in huge changes since they have a huge install base of satisfied customers now. The battery thing is very cool and the cable is a great idea, -really super crappy for all the millions with docks, but great going forward.
      The aerial chip sounds good too, if I understand it right you can use any iphone on any network? That in itself is great! -if true.

      They'd have done well to update the external design though, that would've been a great crowd pleaser if done right, it would've had all the "wow" factor needed and it would've helped move away from the stale old look it's keeping here.

    Has everyone else missed that the new headphones are called EarPods? THEY WANT TO CYBER-CONVERT US. GET YOUR SONIC SCREWDRIVERS PEOPLE.

    didn't care until I saw the foo's sellling their souls....

    sad pandA.

    Is it just me, or is the Galaxy SIII add on this page showing a stretched out image of the phone?

    Uh, the text says an iPod touch 32 GB is $299, but the keynote says $249

    Apple store says preorder available from the 14th. Welp it's the 14th and it still says that...

    I'm pretty sure people are only disappointed with the iPhone 5 because of all the leaks.
    Otherwise we would have all been surprised by the two tone unibody back, the addition of worldwide 4G, the new dock connector, a taller screen and the fact that they put all of this into something more powerful , thinner and with more battery life.
    If there were no leaks from the factory lines, (which, by the way is surprisingly hard to do when you're mass producing millions of these puppies) everyone would be crawling all over this.

    I still find the build quality stunning, if anything, the iphone has only pushed the bar higher for manufacturers to make the same quality of product. I have yet to see an andriod phone / windows phone / whatever compete with the industrial design and finesse of the iphone 4. And now with the solid piece of anodised aluminium, sapphire crystal, and diamond cut chamfers, they've really outdone themselves in terms of construction.
    People really shouldnt be complaining about this, it's a wonderful product, if they want something else, then dont buy this. Simple enough.

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