Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need To Know

The new iPhone 5 is here. It's thinner and faster than ever, with a new form factor that uses a gorgeous panoramic screen with more resolution and less consumption. It also surfs the web much faster, thanks to its new LTE capabilities. And, as rumoured, it has a new smaller dock connector called Lightning.

Overall, it seems Apple has incrementally improved every aspect of the iPhone. It's not a revolutionary phone, but it's a solid upgrade.

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Physical Specifications

The iPhone 5 looks exactly like what we saw in leaked photos, including a unibody aluminium body with a glass screen. "It's thinner than ever," says Phil Schiller. Specifically, it's 18 per cent thinner than the previous iPhone, which puts it at 7.6mm thick. Apple is also claiming that the iPhone 5 is the world's thinnest smartphone. It's actually the world's thinnest LTE smartphone.

It's also 20 per cent lighter than the current iPhone, weighing just 112 grams. You have a choice between two-tone black/slate or white/silver models.

According to Jon Ive, Apple has "never built a product with this extraordinary level of fit and finish". He claims that the "variances from product to product is now measured in microns".

The Screen

Apple claims that the new 4-inch panoramic screen with 16:9 aspect ratio has 44 per cent more saturation than the previous iPhone, which makes the display on the new iPhone 5 full sRGB. The display has its touchscreen sensor built in.

How does it work? Instead of having two layers -- the pixels of the display and the touch sensors -- Apple says "the pixels do double duty, acting as touch-sensing electrodes while displaying the image at the same time". Apple says it's crucial to getting the phone thinner and lighter. And since there's nothing between the glass and the pixels, the image on the screen is much clearer. Apple says that that no other phone in the market has this technology.


As expected, the iPhone 5 uses LTE connectivity, so browsing the web and streaming media will be be a much faster experience compared to the current iPhone 4S. It supports all the standards needed for all carriers: HSPA+, DC-HSDPA and LTE. Apple says that its single-chip solution works everywhere.

The iPhone 5 also has dual-channel 5GHz Wi-Fi (802.11n), which allows for 150Mbps maximum connectivity speed.


Apple claims the iPhone 5's new A6 chip is twice as fast as the A5 chip in the iPhone 4S, both in CPU and graphics. In real terms, Apple claims that it loads web pages 2.1 times faster.

Battery Life

Apple claims eight hours of 3G talk time, eight hours of LTE browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 30 hours of video watching and 225 hours on standby. If this turns out to be true in real terms, it will be impressive.

Camera Features

Apple has also updated the camera. It does better than the iPhone 4S, with a five-element lens, 8MP sensor (3264x2448), backside illumination, a new hybrid infrared filter for better colour, and a nice f/2.4 aperture.

It has a new dynamic low-light mode (I wonder how it compares to Nokia's) and a sapphire crystal construction. When you consider how scratches on the lens can make photos look less crisp, this is good news. Sapphire crystal is the hardest thing you can get this side of a diamond.

The new image-processing chip has spatial noise reduction technology that reduces noise in areas of an image that need it, while leaving the rest of the image alone. As a result, Apple claims that low-light photography performs much better than it did on the previous iPhone.

Here's an image taken with the new iPhone, which Apple claims to have not retouched:

Image capture is 40 per cent faster, Apple says. The iPhone 4S camera was pretty fast, so it will be interesting to see how that increased speed feels. Certainly, there's no such a thing as fast enough when it comes to taking photos.

Panorama Mode

Apple has also added a new panorama mode. It doesn't require you to stitch photos one by one -- just pan the phone and it will automatically capture and stitch together a panorama for you. Even if you can't hold it steady, the phone is supposedly smart enough to know how to correct for it. Apple says it also gets rid of any moving objects in the frame. The final result covers 240 degrees.

Video face detection

Like the previous iPhone, the new one has 1080p full HD capture. Apple claims to have improved the image stabilisation in this version, added face detection (so it will be able to tag people automatically in videos) and allow you to take full-size still photos while recording video.

Front FaceTime camera

Apple has also improved the 720p front camera on the iPhone 5. It now features face detection and -- at last -- the operating system will enable FaceTime over a 3G/4G connection.


Apple has also upgraded the iPhone's audio capabilities with improvements to the microphones and the speakers. It now has three microphones -- front, back and bottom -- which will improve the quality of your voice calls and sound recordings. More importantly, noise cancelling in included without the need for external specialised headphones.

The speakers have much better quality now, going from three to five magnet transducers, which will result in a clearer, richer sound. Any improvement over the cricket boxes of previous versions is welcome.

The iPhone 5 also improves on voice calls. According to Phil Schiller, the new iPhone 5 can use something called wideband audio. If it's supported by the carrier, the phone will use more of the spectrum bandwidth to send a much better, higher fidelity version of your voice over the network. Telstra utilises this technology in selected phones on its Next G network -- you may know it as HD Voice.

New Connector: Lightning

As predicted, the dock connector is now smaller. Apple calls it Lightning (a name play of its other connector technology: Thunderbolt). It's all digital and has eight connectors. It also has an adaptive interface, which I guess means that the connector will send different signals according to the kind of features you need in your connection.

They best thing about the new connector is that it is reversible. This may seem strange, but being able to connect your cable without worrying about which side is up will protect humanity against the 529th Article of Murphy's Law: "Thou will always try to connect your iPhone cable on the wrong side."

Does that mean that you would have to trash your old dock accessory? No, Apple is giving us an adaptor that will turn the old connector into the new Lightning. Phil Schiller says that Apple is working with peripheral manufacturers to include Lightning in the next batch of products, which will arrive in time for Christmas.

Price and Availability

Apple is keeping the same prices as the previous generation iPhone. In the US, the 16GB is $US199, the 32GB is $US299 and the 64GB is $US399, all with a two-year contract. We'll let you know what each of Australian carriers will be charging in due course, along with Apple's own outright prices.

Update: Apple's recommended retail prices for Australia will be $799 for the 16GB model, $899 for the 32GB model and $999 for the 64GB model.

Apple has also dropped the price of the iPhone 4S to $679, while the iPhone 4 will drop to $449. iOS 6 will be available as a free software update on Wednesday, September 19.

Pre-orders will begin on Friday in Australia, the United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. The earlier delivery date will be the following Friday, September 21. All other countries will have the iPhone 5 on September 28.



    first!! jk , the new iphone is looking great, it was worth staying up till 3 AM for

    Nokia Lumia 920 here I come!


      cbb with apple

        Agreed - Nokia Lumia for: Original design, top range specs, amazing OS (personal opinion), and NFC. Plus plenty of other reasons.

      lol, everyone knows the lumias are awful!

        awfully amazing

        You left out a letter "awe-full"

      Exactly this! Lumina 920 come on dowwwwwn!

      exactly what i was thinking.
      ive had 2 iphones in a row now and i am quite frankly bored with them. there is nothing here thats new and i want a change. 920 ftw

        I went through 3 iphones before selling the i4 and buying a lumia 800, I was like you and bored with the iphone, but after changing I never regretted it (I was on the fence initially about changing)

    iPhone 5, here I come! BYE BYE to my hideous and cheap feel galaxy s3!

      Really..??? Galaxy S3 That Crap???

        I agree. S3 is crap.... it s bloody overrated and I'm not happy with my S3 at all.....

      Yep, the iPhone 5 is a draw card alright....

      Liar! No one who genuinely owns a S3 would say that. obvious fanboy is obvious

        haha i work in telco and play with all the new phones when they come out, have you felt the s3? Could they have found a cheaper plastic to make it out of?

          The s3 may be plastic, but for the simple fact that I never need to have iTunes on my PC ever again more then makes up for it!!!!

            Yeah, I hate the convenience of cloud storage, easy management and cross platform accessibility of my digital media. And Podcasts? More like NOTcasts, amirite?

              lumia 920

            You don't need iTunes at all anymore... It's been like that for a year

              Sure, provided you don't have any CDs you want to rip to your iDevice, and buy all of your media from Apple. And have a reliable, fast internet connection.

            I bought a Samsung Galaxy outright in order to get away from apple. After having it for 4 months now, I will be getting rid of it and replacing with an iPhone 5. I can't stand it. It's sleek and sexy, but over complicated, and a terrible music player. And I am not an apple fanboy. I hate the fact that I'm going back, they just make a superior product.

              "Overcomplicated". Are you sure you aren't just too simple?

            neither do lumia owners of OneX owners, and they dont have to use cheap korean crap

              just use cheap chinese crap instead....

                You know the iPhone is made in China right?

                  by slaves

            100% agree. Want to switch to Android because HATE using iTunes. Soooooo restrictive. The FIRST thing I will do after getting Samsung S3/Note 2 is CUSTOMISE RING TONES FOR FREE. Something basic that Apple doesn't allow.

              I make my own ringtones in Garageband.
              I mean, I write my own songs, but you can drag and drop mp3s as well

          Plastic is actually a superior material for the application… Its lighter, tougher, and doesn’t dent/shatter when dropped.

            yeah but so ugly... I prefer the carbon fibre used on the One X and Lumia range

              O-o Since when did they use carbon fibre? Did you mean polycarbonate unibody?

            Depends on the grade of plastic and construction though. I had a fiddle with the samung galaxy ssomething at the store and the back cover pops off so easily. And it feels terrible in the hands. It has a really cheap feel to it. I have to say it's still better than a bar of soap

        So true. All I see coming out of cupertino is more "oh crap we've really dropped the ball and need to catch up, yet again" However with their usual catchup, they've done just enough to make it relevant to what is CURRENTLY available and not actually pushed any boundaries once more. Once again apple resting on their laurels and once again it isn't good enough. For the past few months there have been physical mock-ups and rumors etc, which have pretty much appeared to be true. Huge disappointment that a company with such a blindly devoted following can't even be surprised anymore and can't even keep a secret. Makes me wonder why A: the GS3 is still the better phone and B: how the hell Samsung managed to keep a secret like they did for so long. Hell, even Windows Mobile would be looking the better option over this garbage.

          They have the app store and the content on Itunes. That is a huge advantage. Content pretty much dictates what platform people go for, and people who bought an iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch when first released are now most likely tied to Apple by their content on iTunes.

            I think for the non-geek, there is alot to be said about the "familiarity" of a product. If you are a non-tech person, you want something you can just pick up and use. You know that if I get that iPhone 5 to replace that iPhone4, you'll know how to use it with no fuss and have some (albeit barely any) new features. IMO this is why I think apple sells so many of them. People call these people sheep/fanbois/whatever but really they are the MAJORITY CONSUMER... simple non tech people that want no fuss, familiarity and are just too lazy/busy to spend time learning a new piece of software.

            I use both Win7 and OSX, iPhone and S2, iPad and HP Touchpad with ICS. Im just saying each has their advantages and disadvantages. Let people buy the technology that best suits THEIR needs and that they feel comfortable with, without the need to label someone based on a piece of technology....

            Ill be buying an iPhone 5 because it works FOR ME....JUST SAYIN'

          The worst part about this phone is that its a direct copy of Goo Phone

      What is it with people that they want a phone to feel like a lump of metal? Its a phone - use it for a week and the feel becomes secondary. Use it for a month and the feel becomes unnoticed.

        This hasn't been the case for me. I've got an iPhone 4 (for 2 years now), and I still love the look and feel of it. I don't have it in a case - it really is a thing of beauty (for me), and I'm often reminded just how integrated this device is into my daily life. I'll be upgrading to a 5, but I'm not rushing into it - I'll wait for the dust to settle a little :-)

      Yeah.. right.. keep that S3 my friend. You will be crawling back to it.. if you had one that is.
      I have NEVER heard anybody that have a S3 change it for another model, and I work in a store that sells phones.

        yeh i work for a business that has somthing to do with both apple and samsung and its always the people who android is too advanced for and want a dumb-down os for their phone. They are literally to stupid to use the phone.

      There is a big gap between specs and actual usability with the Galaxy S3. I bought one and hate it, preferring to keep the iPhone 4S. In theory the S3 should be a great device, but it just isn't. The good parts of the galaxy are the bits they copied/stole from Apple. Everything else kind of sucks or just doesn't work prooerly. It will be interesting to see how bad a phone Samsung builds once they are forced to stop stealing patented ideas. While I'm not a fan of the upcoming Microsoft mobile os, I think it will grow into a nice environment once Windows 8SP1 or 9 (think Vista to Win 7) arrive. Samsung will probably be stealing the Microsoft ideas and technology by that point in time. I for one think Apple should be commended and the Samsung supporters should remember there would be no smart phone or unlimited data plans without the risk taken and vision of Apple.

        hmmmm, copied eh? lets see, panorama photos,already got it on my nexus s,headphone jack on the base,seems i have that on my nexus as well...and i've had this phone since its release...who's copying/stealing from who?...

          The panaroma photo is simply Apple taking one of the very popular apps requests and building it into the standard os. The iPhone has had panorama apps before the Galaxy was even a glint in the South Korean companies eyes. The main difference with the new panorama feature is that it will now integrate across the whole os just like ....... no, the Samsung doesn't integrate nearly as well.

          What is great about the new iPhone shape is that the readable space for texting and document editing will be much better when the virtual keyboard is active. I had to install a third part app on my S3 to try and find a look that matched the iPhone for space and usability. What a monumental pain that was.

        unlimited data plans? since when has apple been a telco?.....

          If you think Apple does not drive change across the Telco's you are missing a big part of what made Apple so successful. They are not a telco, but Apple were the ones to get telco's globally to provide plans for the large download content. That alone was a staggering piece of mastery. When the first iPhones were released, the plans were called iPhone plans. That is because they were the only company pushing for such large data volumes. If you work in IT, you would realize that most businesses are flat footed when it comes changing the behaviors of other companies.

      Your username is "theApplelover" but you're trying to tell us you have an S3...


        I do love the Apple mobile (not computers) products, but only because they are currently the best "quality" products available. Maybe it is my S3, but from my experience the S3 is not a finished product. It drops calls, goes through batteries very fast, can't integrate with SAP and many corporate ERP's, and the apps are downright dangerous. Most banks only provide a cut down feature set in the android apps simply because the android os is not as safe as Apples. There is no iTunes or decent music player, the camera produces awful photos with hopeless skin tones, and the device is too big to put into suits pants pocket without looking like a geek, and that home screen SamFans rave about is just a mess and doubling up features.
        Sure there are some really nice features to the S3, like the ability to use it like a USB drive and it does look pretty sleek, but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

        Regarding Lethals comment. What would be the point of my post if is did not have an S3. Maybe you see fit to lie about things, but your comment probably means you do not have an iPhone and you have probably never spent any real time using one. Either way, your comment is clearly from a blind SamFan. Good on you for liking your phone though!

          How can you talk about quality when the stupid device is like a bar of soap? All the metal around the body is pretty bad rf inteference. The rigid frame ensures that if you drop it the hardened sodaline glass will crack. And the sad part is that a lot of people buy an iPhone to be a "cool" individual and then end up buying a cheap-ass/dumbly over-priced plastic cover to protect the phone and once again try to differentiate themselves from being the same (bland) other iPhone users. You get really smart users who stick a piece of plastic on the scren to protect their scratch resist screen. How they [email protected]$k up the industry by placing headphone jack on top. Everyone did it at the bottom so when you took the phone out of your pocket it would be up right. Those stupid flip covers a lot of users use. It's like holding a notepad the wrong way up.

          Then there is the user experience. The audio quality of an iPhone is the definition of average. Average hardware and software that makes different instruments and sound channels of a track just blend in one another and nothing sticks out or is clearly defined. My pathetic htc touch pro had better hardware and audio software. The UI is messy. It's like putting everything you own into the same drawer. Pages and pages of apps is the main user experience. Innovative? And don't talk about folders. Jobs hated folders. No back button.

          Everything else is alright I guess. Good camera. Easy to consume media like watching a movie on the go. Games. There are many other devices for all that. Nothing that substantial that makes it a good phone.

            RK. While your post is quite emotive which makes it less objective, you have some thought out points. 
            The styling of the iPhone is like any other product we buy. You either like it or you don't. Everyone has their preferences hence why our world is so interesting.

            The iPhone design is an engineering success using glass and metals where most other manufacturers use plastic. The technology advances Apple is driving by doing this is quite amazing. The new gorilla glass is even stronger than in the iPhone 4s and will probable start being used in other products by others manufacturers. The metal around the body does not create interference because it is actually multiple antenna. The cuts in the metal are the separation between the antenna. It's a smart design because now the antenna gate issue is solved, there is no phone material to block reception, which I must add is pretty good.

            You are partly correct in saying the iPhone screen cracks easier. We've all see the drop test or friends who destroyed their phones. It's not quite as bad as you think though. I use both an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s daily, and both get a workout. Both have hit the concrete and other hard surfaces several and so far both still look almost new.

            I totally agree with you about people "buying a cheap-ass/dumbly over-priced plastic cover to protect the phone". It's as stupid as people putting plastic on furniture. Unless a person is really clumsy or works outdoors, just enjoy the iPhone as it was meant to be. Besides, if it breaks, anyone can walk into an Apple store (with an appointment) and for $250 AUD get a replacement phone, no questions asked. That's pretty nice insurance.

            Can someone please explain to me why so many people have their knickers in a knot about the headphone jack location change. The phone screen rotates depending on how it is held. The location made sense with the old design and also makes sense with the new design. End of story surely.

            I have to absolutely disagree with you about audio quality. While I have no experience with the HTC, the Samsung is nasty. Besides, watch the full keynote and see the innovations apple have put into audio and their work with global telcos on establishing some new standards for noise filtering.

            Folders are fantastic. I run the first two pages without folders for quick access to my most used apps, but after that every other app goes into a folder. I have a page of folders just for games, and 2 pages for other apps. That gives me more than enough apps in very few clicks over 5 pages. 
            Sure this is a different mindset to other os designs, but like everything, once you get used to it, things work.

      How much would you sell it for then?

        I like the positive attitude James :)
        I intend to keep the GS3 so I can continue to have an informed opinion.

    Ah man. That looks just like the gooPhone i5.

      totally ... lawsuits comming up in 3 2 1....

    errr... the Australian Apple website doesn't say anything about LTE, in contrast to the US one. Will we get a 4G iPhone 5 in aus? or will it be 3G only :/

      Don't worry, the iPhone 5 supports LTE in Australia on Virgin, Telstra and Optus

      Mentions that LTE (4G) will be available on Telstra, Optus and Virgin Mobile.

      Its does support LTE in Australia for Telstra Optus and virgin.

    Too little too late.

      Telstra Optus and vodaphone are supporting it

        Vodafone dos not have LTE.

    Argh. Was hoping for something "New" other than having to buy new accessories. I think I'd prefer the Note II but at least when apple release a product it's actually ready for release.

    Wow! What a roundup! I think they could have potentially launched more in the product..

    As an Android fan I was looking forward to something revolutionairy to push the competition, this is very underwhelming. Its thinner, taller, lighter and faster and that's about it... Might as well have called it the iPhone 4S2

      Its a phone dude-what did you want it to do?


          wireless charging

            One of those things that seems like it would be cool, but turns out to be pointless. Like Siri.

              What wireless charging device do you have? Does it charge really slow or something?

              I have a touchstone charger for my HP touchpad, and no, I don't find it pointless at all :)

              It's one of those things that you use, then come to expect as standard (ok not NFC yet, talking about the wireless charging here).

        Apple have a history of releasing a revolutionary feature with their phones dont they?...

        All this seems to be is software updates and a slightly different form factor.

        +1, what's with the witch hunt all the time. It's a nice bit of kit and yeah maybe you feel like Apple hold back sometimes when instigating new features, but one things for sure, they don't owe anyone anything. Just be happy that they set the bar for the competition, now let's move on.

          Set the bar? Nothing on this phone is revolutionary enough to be 'setting the bar' for anything. I'm not going to say its horrible or anything, it looks like a good phone and will no doubt sell very well, but to call it anything other than catching up with other phones in the market is just wrong.

        Pure View .. like the Nokia 808. A friend have one of those. The camera is awsome. It's so good that the phone could run morse code as an OS..

      "Its thinner, taller, lighter and faster and that’s about it"

      Which is more or less what every new Android phone release is too. Not sure why people expect more.

      @Chris, releasing a phone that just has a bigger screen and more processor power but no real innovation should be right in your wheelhouse if you're an android fan.

      It's kinda weird how a new "generation" like transitioning from 3S to 4 seems to yield less impressive results than going from 4 to 4S, where 4S included a retina display and Siri. You'd think it'd be the other way around.

      So in line with that I guess we can expect the 5S to be some kind of operations hub that controls every aspect of your life for you, as well as making you smarter and more attractive.

        The retina display was in the 4 -> the jump from 3GS to 4 was big.

          And there were people that called that a small step too. In the end of the day, there will be those that won't be happy no matter what you put in there.

            exactly, I think everyone expects apple to redefine the game with every release, where as other companies can just improve on what they have already done.

      I forgot about this post, at least now with the new Profiles I was able to find it again, didn't realise it had generated so many replies :)

      And yes, as an Android fan, bigger, thinner, lighter, faster, has been general upgrades for Android, but that's just hardware. On the software side when you have things like NFC based sharing via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, automatic facial recognition and tagging, better, more interactive, notification system, Samsung pushing Windowing on Tablets (or the on screen video), so you can be truly multitasking, that's all software based improvements that I would have thought Apple would look at and do one better, not end up being 2 years behind the times (by the time iOS7 comes out).

      Since this first post I've gotten hands on with the iPhone 5, and I can say that without hesitation it is an amazing phone, it's so light that it feels fake, feels sturdy, and nice in the hand, but the OS makes all of that seem like a waste of time. In fact it makes me think of the Nokia N8, an amazing phone at the time, but they let it down with the OS.

    What a lie to call it 4", zzzzzzz

    they say the photo they presented "have not retouched", but I wonder how much pre-touch was there... how much lighting was on, one out of how many photos take, and where did that god damn honeybee come from...

    $199 at US. $788 in Australia.

      Don't forget that carriers subsidise the phones in the US -- that $199 requires a 24-month contract.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      The US price is on a contract. Hell, it'll possibly be "free" for some people, if you consider $0 on contract free.

    Wow so disappointing, pretty much give it features already available for a year from other manufacturers. The thinnest they say, my razr begs to differ sitting in my hand at 7.1mm, sticking to android I will be

    Now how much should I sell my iPhone 4s 64 gb.

      I would say not very much, there is a glut of those things on ebay.

    Galaxy S3 here I come! Very underwhelming announcement, and have to laugh at the price.

      its the same price as the previous gen, how does that surprise you?

      Your mind was made up before the announcement so yeah, and the price has been the same for years so only person laughing is you.

        I think his price comment may be because he doesnt feel the phone has enough features over the S3 to warrant laying out an extra ~$300... I have to agree.

          Yeah, I mean sure it's a new handset and all. But charging $799 for what is effectively an iPhone 4SS. The S3 simply remains unchallenged as the all round best value for money handset.

          I work for Telstra in a retail shop within a shopping centre, and I can say with absolute certainty that for the duration that the S3 has been selling for, both us and our sister store on the other side of town have not receieved a single complaint about the S3. And we have only had between us about 7 Faulty S3's, making it one of the most reliable handsets we have had in recent years.

        And apple...

    Nokia Lumia 920 is now the phone to beat. Go Nokia !!!

      Going to swap from my iPhone 4 to a Lumia 920 when it comes out, hurry up Nokia!!

    YEPP! Not A Fan. Same crap!! but people will still buy because its apple!!! Wake up peeps!!!

      I will keep buying it. Until the apps I use are available on Android or WP I will keep buying. Don't really care about what the phone looks like as long as it performs.

        In all likelihood the apps you use ARE already on the Google Play store, you just haven't bothered looking for them.

          that's incorrect;

          beatmaker 2
          ghost trick
          ridge racer
          any semi-professional music production + design + production + a slew of gaming + productivity apps.

        Out of interest what apps specifically?

          Entirely possible, but why would I want to au again to get the apps tha I already have?

      ...or....we will buy it because we like using it! Not everyone has to follow YOUR decision making process when selecting what phone they want. Get off your high horse.

      Multiple exclamation marks!!! So important peeps!!!!

      Samsung generates approximately 25% of the GDP (wealth) of South Korea.
      It would not be surprising if many of the pointless and negative comments like this one are from South Korean trolls who get paid by their government.
      The Chinese government does stuff like this all the time. Does anyone know if the South Korean government does also?

    Does anyone know what the processor and RAM specs are? Wish they would release proper specs and not just marketing fluff.

    Remind me again why such a huge price difference in Australia?

      really? you still haven't figured out what goes on with products in relation to different countries economies...

      So where did it state in this article the price outright for the iphone in America to compare to the Australian prices we got given? I bet for a starter not one aussie company would make you pay $200 up front to have in on a 2 year contract....

        Actually, for my 3GS many years ago, I paid about $400 up front on a 2 year contract, $50 a month. Otherwise it was $50 for the plan and an extra $20 a month or so for the phone!

          I don't understand why you needed to pay so much. There have been $0 upfront plans for every Australian iPhone release. Not all of them were great. To get the best deal at the time I had to change service providers though.

            I would prefer the option to pay the extra up front and not over the term of my contract personally.

      Because you werent the smartest kid in the class to work out why.


      Because we live in a 3rd world nation when it comes to tech

    While I admit I'm not an iPhone fan I was interested in seeing what was the go as my wife loves these and I won't both upgrading her iPhone 4. It appears to have clawed back some ground towards my Galaxy S3 (except for the LTE) but there's nothing remarkably fancy about it. There also appears to be a distinct absence of NFC mentioned.

    Not as good as anticipated. NFC would have been a decent addition.

    I think it's ridiculous that there is all this hype about a new (debatable) phone. Apple once again are over compensating in the hope that people will buy their not very revolutionary product because of all the fanfare and not because it is actually a good product. With the build up this and every other launch has had you would think they had re invented the wheel.

    Haters gonna hate.

      I'm not a hater, if you care to read the comments not even the lovers are feeling the love .

    A bit underwhelming for a major revision. I mean, going from iPhone 3 to 4 was amazing because of the retina display, facetime, and HD video recording. iPhone 5 feels like it's missing all that innovation and is just minor improvements to existing features.

    I think I'll be ditching my iPhone 4 and going with a Lumia 920.

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think my next phone is going to be a Nokia with Windows Mobile on it.

      Agreed, the Lumia 920 seems to be the phone to beat, pair that with a Surface and you'll probably end up with a pretty awesome setup. My only concerns are the ecosystem AND how crappy Nokia/MS have been with the upgrade of the previous WP OS (7.5).

      A brand new Nokia 900 won't get W8, which leads me to believe it's pretty probable that they won't be as good as apple with upgrades (Resembles Android much?)

        That's quite a concern seeing the lumia range seem to be the flagship of WP :|

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