Finally, A New iPod Touch, Gorgeous iPod Nanos And New iPod Shuffles

Finally, A New iPod Touch, Gorgeous iPod Nanos And New iPod Shuffles

Remember iPods? The things that switched Apple from a computer company to the electronics company, the most valuable in company in company history? There hasn’t been a new one in two years. Today, it’s back, upgraded, widescreened and super skinny. Updated with Australian pricing.

Unlike previous models, the new iPod Touch looks more like the new iPod Nano than the new iPhone — but that’s awesome, as it weighs in at 88 grams and is only 6.1mm thick.

The new iPod Touch will come with Siri, an A5 processor, an upgraded 5MP rear camera, the new Lightning connector, Siri, and the iPhone 5’s 4-inch widescreen retina display. The new guts will still get you 40 hours of music playback and eight hours of video. You’ll even be able to use it to power your home theatre, with built-in 1080p mirroring to your TV via AirPlay.

The iPod Touch will also come in five colours and sport a little knob for a wrist strap. Apple knows how clumsy you are. But would you actually use this?

The iPod Touch ships in October, starting at $US300 for a 32GB version, which is too expensive. But let’s be clear: this is easily one of the best gadgets Apple has ever dropped. Amazingly thin, gorgeous screen, iOS 6’s software sophistication, a decent camera, fantastic games, the internet, all able to slide into your skinny jeans. A fantastic pocket computer. This thing is just as impressive as the new iPhone 5.

Update: Pre-orders for the new iPod Touch will be taken on Apple’s website from Friday, September 14. The 32GB model is priced at $329 in Australia, and the 64GB model will set you back $439. Brick-and-mortar retailers will start stocking the iPod Touch in October. The previous generation iPod Touch will drop to $219 for the 16GB model and $279 for the 32GB model.

Brand new iPod Nanos have also joined Apple’s iPhone 5 party at the Moscone Center today. The totally redesigned junior MP3 players have a larger display and come in seven beautiful candy-hued colours.

The new iPods also have Bluetooth for the first time, as well as the brand new Lightning connector and the longest battery life the device has ever had. The new iPod Nano is $US150 for 16GB and will be available in October. Anticipate that this will be on your kid’s Christmas wish list.

Update: The iPod Nano will cost $169 in Australia, but you have to wait until October to get your hands on one.

Finally, Apple has also announced a refreshed iPod Shuffle. The new guy isn’t all that different from its predecessor, save for five new colours. It costs $US50 for 2GB, which should excite multi-coloured gadget enthusiasts.

Update: The new 2GB iPod Shuffle will retail for $55 in Australia.

Images: GDGT