Apple Fans Turn Samsung's iPhone 5 Attack Ad On Its Head

Samsung isn't taking the iPhone 5 launch lying down, and it shouldn't surprise you to learn that nobody else is either. Samsung's hackle-raising iPhone-bashing ad has been flipped on its head by ardent Apple knights in iPhone armour.

Like the original Samsung ad, these parodies probably aren't going to do much to change anyone's mind. They do, however, hint at an answer to that age old question: "Can't we all just get along?" The answer being: "No, because that phone you like is stupid." [CNET, Business Insider]


    Yeah I like Coke better than Pepsi.

      The drink you like is stupid.

        Your both stupid and Hitler faked the Moon landing.

          Godwin Law Invoked!

      yeah I prefer meth to coke, hang on, were we talking about phones a minute ago?

      I prefer strippers to girlfriends, as you get what you pay for

      haha the apple fan boys removed NFC from the samsung features.

        they removed all the additional features from the samsung one and listed additional features for the apple one, did you not get that?

    Is it just me, or is the SIII almost totally superior to the iphone 5 on paper?

      Yes it is on PAPER.. in the REAL WORLD, the SIII is falling behind every day..

        Haha, what real world are you talking about? The one you only see when you close your eyes and dream.

        In the 'real world' the S III has sold 20M+ devices and the iPhone hasn't even been released. Also, what metric are you using for 'falling behind?'

          I'd like to know that too. Last I checked Samsung alone are selling twice as many phones per month than Apple is, and Android had > 50% market share while iOS has skipped to < 30%.

          It looks to me like Apple are the ones falling behind.

            *slipped, not skipped

              I think we should give Mr. Bill Gates a bit of respect here guys.
              Just trust him.

              BTW, apparently the internet is just a fad :O

                Yep! And my internet is a patented rectangle with rounded corners.

            Twice as many SIIIs as 4Ss, or twice as many of all phones, including dumbphones compared to 4S, 4 and 3GS?

            when you say Android vs iOS you're talking about 1 manufacturer against about 50, you can buy android handsets for under $100 so of course it has more of the market, the question would be do samsung galaxies have more of the market than iPhones?

            To be fair Android has that market share through a large number of different phones across different manufacturers. Apple have 30% to themselves

            Yes.. samsung is selling about 20 different phones to get in front of apple... apple only has to sell 1 ;)

              let us all have no choice in phone.
              let us all have the ONE apple phone.
              let us all be dictated as to what we need and wait for advancement when Apple decides we are ready for it.

            While Apple have 1 phone, and there are THOUSANDS of android phones!

            Your math doesn't add up. Apple sell more iPhones than samsuck. Yeah, 50 different fragmented android phones against just one. Still doesn't stop android being a second rate Linux/iOS wannabe.

        Hi Bill, I forwarded an email once and I never received my money. Should I email you directly, customer support has never answered me!


        but the iphone5 isn't in real world yet

    I hate to sound like an android fanboi but Android gets updates regularly and I think annually for the most part. Meanwhile it wasn't so long ago that apple was charging certain users to upgrade... Similarly touting proprietary communication platforms like facetime,imessage & airplay when there are perfectly decent alternatives that work with countless other platforms is a bit misguided...

      True, Google does do that. When/if you'll see it on your particular device though is an entirely different story, unless someone puts out a custom firmware.

      Yeah but if the manufacturer stop supporting it, you stuck with whatever version Android that you have. even if Google releases Android 8.0, if your manufacturer only release Android 4.1 for that model then you stuck with it.

      With iOS you don't have to worry about it, coz it supports all models. And you can update regularly as soon as the software release and do not have to wait until the manufacturer to relase the update.

      Damn I sound like iOS fanboy... but that's why iOS ecosystem to me is not as messy as Android.

        3g is no longer supported by apple with updates, and when working for a (shitty) Telco you wouldbt believe how many 3g and 3gs handsets that either bricked or became a lagfest due to it not being optimised. In the end there's no difference all phones will lose support.... Even apple devices

        'coz it supports all models.'
        - iPhone and iPT 1st Gen - stuck on 3.1.3
        - iPhone 3G and my beloved iPT 2nd Gen - stuck on 4.2.1

        So no the updates don't support all devices.

          At some point in time, they have to let old hardware go, wanting to update to the newer iOS would be like trying to run windows 7 on pc hardware originally designed for a windows 95 platform.

            I run jelly bean on my SGS1 and its running better than ever :)

     your SGS1, which is a whole 2 years newer than the 3G, is really no different technologically? Come on, 2 years is enough for 2 new generations in computing.

        Pretty sure that the 3g doesn't support the latest ios

      Last time Apple charged for an update was over three years ago. Thats your argument? At least with Apple you get the update with every other user across the globe, unlike android. You have to wait for the manufacturer to approve an update and add its bloatwear, then it goes to the carriers to approve and add their bloatwear. Six to nine months later, you get an update. Yeah, thats really wonderful. I'm glad your happy with that mediocrity. :S

    Nice comeback from applefans, but the Samsung list is still more impressive. And really can you bag out plastic when the last iPhone was all glass and the new design has allready been done by Nokia with antibodies? Should read "why settle for originality, we've copied EVERYONE'S good ideas"

    The main thrust of the attack is against the plastic back! I know that authors here have negatively commented on the plastic numerous times but for me and everyone I know that owns a phone with a plastic back its a complete non-issue.

    For me, the "superior" items that are mentioned are like saying "my phone is better because the box it came in is made of cardboard".

      There are plenty of advantages to plastic: lighter, more durable, less brittle, no thermal conductivity, etc. This is why plastic is still used as housing for plenty of devices including electron microscopes. Hell, even some of Apple's own portfolio comes in a plastic chassis.

      As for 'cheap feeling' that's entirely subjective. I do like the feeling metal in my hand, but think plastic is more practical. Bitching about 'cheap plastic' says more about this guy's superficial values than the S III

        A superficial Apple fan? No way!

        Polycarbonate ftw

        that point is hilarious. I bet most of these Apple fan boys are reading this on their iDevice wrapped in a plastic/rubber protective cover

      If you're not the kind of person that values industrial design, this whole argument is pointless to enter :)

        I value functional design over pretty, my precious! So I raise your industrial design values as utter pointlessness.

        At least the plastic back comes off the SIII to enable you to change out the battery. Glass backs don't come off for any reason, unless of course they are broken!

        You tried to play "lay down misere" and lost! So sad.

    LOL, they removed all the S3 features the iPhone doesn't have and added a whole bunch of iPhone features which the S3 does have.

      LOL yeah thats what i read as well... im like... even with the short list the S3 still looks 100 times better , nice try apple cultist /golfclap

      That's the's exactly what the original Samsung commercial did the other way around.

      the s3 has iCloud?

        Yeah It's called Google Drive.

      As opposed to the original that had removed all the iPhone's software features and added their own Samsung software features? Either way it's a stupid ad, regardless of which phone it's trying to display as "better".

    hold on, hold on, the iPhone 5 has Panorama! I'm getting one of those for sure now...... what's that, the S3 does that as well, so does pretty much every other phone on the market.

      So did the iphone 3gs, 4 and 4s with a non standard camera app. Dont know why apple are pushing that as a feature.

        I think they are just finding features to make the list

          No it's the fact that now that is is built into ios, it has now been invented by Apple.

          The iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will be the first iPhone that will release after Apple invents NFC and wireless charging too

            they didnt say they invented it.... :/ - so.. bashing for bashings sake?

          iPhone5S - now includes our revolutionary new product that we invented no body else for the first time ever it'll totally change your life. iTasker

      Hey, I love my Galaxy S3 but the iphone 5's panorama mode looks to beat the shit out of mine, much higher resolution, assuming it works properly.

    This ad proves the iphone, nothing original any more, just more 'copy from everyone else' and claim it to be yours.

    And EVERYONE that falls for the apple sales gimmics, suffer from RDF (

    Go read it and laugh!

      Did you miss the part in the HEADING that says it's not a real ad? It's a parody of a Samsung ad.

    Haha, but inaccurate. I have a Galaxy S3 and my partner is going to get an iPhone 5 to replace her 3GS, just a matter of personal preferences.
    With the "cheap" plastic back (I like the look/feel of my sleek dark blue one) I can replace it if it gets scratched, have several with different colours/patterns and wow, I can easily get it off and on to replace the battery or fit one with the nice slim screen cover attached (as I currently have).
    I haven't used iCloud, but I have the equivalent that works well for me in the Android environment.
    You can take panorama shots on the S3.
    Android updates are available as often as needed and free. (Yeah I know, they are needed more often is the comeback.)
    Flyover is the cheap version of street-view and 3D view in Google maps.
    I can do everything I want that is similar to Airplay, Facetime and iMessage
    How many apps do you need? I've never not found what I was looking for in the Android apps world, usually with several choices and free or paid. Besides I think the Android apps are up around 600,000 now, the extra 100,00 is largely irrelevant.

    I notice iTunes isn't listed as an advantage. :-)

    It's a worry Apple is getting scared, the king is dead, long live the new king. :-)

      No, its samsuck who posted the original ad, the other is just a parody. So who's scared again? I bet you a billion dollars its samsuck who are running scared. Who's looks stupid right about now?

    Who The $#$%#$ cares!??!?!?!?!??!?!

    Apple is the best rararar

      No Google is the best rararar

        I miss my Nokia 3310. Yey for Snake II

          My Motorola V3688+ clamshell phone is best. Would last a week without recharging. Also I believe messenger pigeon is better.

          It's all the same. One device has a large set of features with propriety names, technology, marketing and the other phone has the same thing. They both copy each other, they both benefit from each other in the market place. There is no true best phone, just what suits you best. It's the same as Holden vs Ford or one football team over another. Nokia could do an add for the lumina 920 showing how good there specs are and make Apple and Samsung look like crap. It's marketing, it's subjective.

            And I completely agree with the second paragraph (I have no experience with the first, so no comment). I just have a laugh when people get into arguments over this stupid smartphone thing.

    Changes I would have made:
    - Change the title to "The knock-off is never as good as the original". It's more inflammatory and the plastic back is a bit subjective.
    - I would have put "Reversible Plug" for the iPhone and "Non-Reversible Plug" for the S3.
    - "Worlds largets music store on your device" for iPhone.
    - Change OS updates for iPhone to "On-Time OTA updates". Android updates are still a weakness of the platform.

    I just think it's easy to cherry pick features from both platforms to create lists that look impressive. Can't we all just not care what other people like?

      No, and there is no such thing as personal preference. My choices are the only logical correct choices, and should yours not meet mine, your devices are crap and not worth buying and you're an idiot (I'm joking of course, sorry to call you an idiot).

        Don't forget, the heretics must be cleansed with holy fire.

        You're choices are the right ones? Don't make me laugh! I have no idea what your wants and needs are in a mobile device, but I am certain that you have made the wrong choice!

        By buying the wrong device you have let down your family, and significantly reduced the average intelligence of our society. Your actions have undoubtedly slowed down the evolutionary progress of our species. May your god or gods have undeserved mercy on your soul.

        Just kidding.

          Haha, nice.

            I needed a good laugh, thank you

    The only thing I have found I like better about an iPhone to the SII is the on screen keyboard seems to be easier to use on the iPhone. In every other way the iPhone seems to be a toy while the SII is a computer in a phone. I have not used an SIII so do not know if there is a difference.

    As a phone I find the SII easier to make a call on, so end of story there.

    In terms of looks, the old iPhones and SII look nothing alike to me. However the iPhone 5 looks a lot like the SII. Who is copying who here?

      You can change the keyboard on Android. I use Swiftkey right now, but Swype is very nice as well.

    So according to this response the S3 doesn't have a CPU or a front-facing camera?

      It's not a very good parody, frankly.

    790 hours standby? Hahaha. Whatever. As usual Samsung think bigger numbers make a better experience, and are happy to out down in paper features that actually don't work (say "cheese" anyone). Pfft.

    Quad Core A6 hey. Thats not what Geekbench2 says.

      Lol. Quad core. Lol...

      Also "a totally new plug", really? like really?

    yawn some old from the same old......................

    WOW 700,000 walled garden apps. vs Androids 650,000 apps.
    I wonder how many of those apps you can install on your non expandable storage. LOL.

    This has gone well beyond the ridiculous. They're phones, and people are behaving like fanatics. It is absolutely beyond comprehension that people have such a fervent devotion to something so trivial. Every damn time an apple article appears (especially those related to iPhones) it degenerates into a juvenile pissing contest within mere moments.

      More flame bait 'articles' > more outrage > more hits, aka more advertising dollars. It's their business model. It's a shame I fall for it more often than not.

      We have to defend the phone we are thinking of purchasing. Otherwise the competition would be thought of as the "accepted" better phone. When we buy our shiny new toy we want peers to envy us, it makes us feel better about ourselves. If we bought said phone, we don't want someone to say "Why did you buy that phone? Everyone knows XXX is better".

      That being said. iPhone 5 is better :). Solidly built, right size, cameras on previous iPhones are great. Even though in terms of megapixles GS3 is the same, the iPhone cameras seem much more optimised and clear. I felt the GS3 was too uncomfortable to use with one hand and I'm above average in size. Both Samsung and Apple make quality products, but Apple seems to optimise it for end user while Samsung seems to focus on features and performance and not necessarily on making it user friendly.

        You haven't even held the iphone 5.

          True, but i have held the 4s...SOLID, and my finger can reach just beyond the screen area so a small increase in screen size is good. I have also got a good idea of what to expect from Apple in terms of build quailty.

          Also listen to this douche bag talking about how it is built:
 (skip to 4:30)

            Says something about you when call you someone you don't know a douche bag because they are passionate about something.

              Your right I was being a little harsh. It was more my feeling of that video in general, with their whole treating of it as a perfect device, doing something that has never been done before. And I meant douche bag in the friendliest possible way :).

    Apple is a year behind the competition now anyway. They will be playing catch up from this model onwards, which in my opinion is very strange for Apple. They are normally on par or ahead of others and the no NFC was a huge surprise to me.

      Because Tim Cook runs the company now. It works something like this.

      Number of tech obsessed geeks who will buy the phone over an android, who wouldn't have bought it anyway, because it has a marginally useful NFC feature - 100,000, @$100 profit per phone say $10,000,000 extra profit

      Additional cost per device - $1, 100,000,00 expected sales - total cost $100,000,000

      Net additional revenue from NFC: -$90,000,000
      Decison: not this time.

      NFC isn't a standard anywhere, let alone anywhere in Australia. Better ePay options are coming down the pipeline that don't need the retailer to buy more hardware sitting on the counter. Its like hanging your hat on 8 track being the next greatest audio playback standard.

    I'm still suprised in the fact people actually are so passionate about this stuff. This really isn't a real world problem.

    You could do the same with Nokia 3310 vs iPhone, toothpick vs midget in a dress, beats vs battle star galactica.

    Why waste time caring about it, get a phone that is right for you, not a phone that is right for everyone else.

    @El Diablo you can get the 790 hours standby by turning off all radios and not touching the phone basically. Its the way all manufacturors market the standby times. Kind of a con yes as in the real world that would never happen however with my galaxy tab which i only use when i fly up to work on site when i get back home i put in aeroplane mode and it only loses a couple of percent over the week im home so i believe those numbers (790hrs) can be possible.

    Is it me, or are half the "New" iPhone5 features that are "Missing" from the Galaxy SIII aren't actually missing?

    eg. My Galaxy SIII Records has a 1280x720 recording from the front camera, Google Drive, Picasa photo sharing, access to multiple App Stores, Google Wallet in the US, Free OS Updates, Google Hangouts, Maps with Real turn-by-turn + Public transport + Bicycle + Walking navigation, DNLA +Wifi Direct (Share content with TV's directly.), Front cover accessory, access to Games from Google and Google Talk.

    Just like most Android phones available at the moment.

    Not to mention that the 4G version has a quad-core processor, and the 3G is multiple channel, giving it faster 3G speeds...

      Both charts are complete bullshit because they simply inflate their respective tables by removing the competitor's comparable features and services. Any informed customer knows better. The difference is that the Apple Fan version is slightly more disingenuous and I'm amused they still left on the S III features that trump the iPhone.

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