Apple Eyes Galaxy S III Ban In New Complaint

Apple Eyes Galaxy S III Ban In New Complaint

You had to have seen this coming. It’s not enough that Apple trounced Samsung to the tune of $US1.05 billion in a US court, now the company wants to ban Samsung’s flagship products — including the Galaxy S III — from US shelves.

In a revised complaint submitted to the US District Court yesterday, Apple sought bans on a further 17 products Samsung sells in the US on the grounds of patent infringement.

Here’s the updated list:

• Galaxy S III – Verizon
• Galaxy Note
• Galaxy S II Skyrocket
• Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch
• Galaxy S II
• Galaxy S II – T-Mobile
• Galaxy S II – AT&T
• Galaxy Nexus
• Illusion
• Captivate Glide
• Exhibit II 4G
• Stratosphere
• Transform Ultra
• Admire, Conquer 4G
• Dart

That’s on top of the various other Galaxy products Apple has complained about in the past, including various Galaxy Players, the new Galaxy Note 10.1 and several Galaxy Tab variants.

The product bans will be decided upon come 6 December — a crucial time for any company leading into the busy Christmas shopping season. [Reuters]

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