Apple Accused Of Copying iPad Clock Design

iOS 6 finally brings a clock application to the iPad, but Apple apparently copied the design from an iconic station clock belonging to the Swiss Federal Railway. If you compare an image of the Swiss clock with an image of the new Clock app in iOS 6, there's no denying the resemblance.

Swiss newspaper Blick reports that the iconic clock was originally designed by Hans Hilfiker in 1944. The railway owns both the trademark and copyright for the design, which it licenses to fancy watchmakers.

According to the report, the railway is demanding financial compensation from Apple for using the clock's design without permission. Considering how many devices already use iOS 6, that could mean big trouble for Apple. Fair is fair! Apple just won a billion dollars from Samsung for exactly this kind of copying. Let's see how Apple likes being on the other end of the stick. [Blick via MacRumors]

Image: Swiss clock via the Wikimedia Commons

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