App Deals: iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7

Hunters 2 for just 99c on iOS, European Wars 3 going cheap on iPad, Magisto video editor gets an Android app, free Wikipedia app now available on Windows Phone, plus more in today's app deals roundup. Get your apps at a discount before the prices go back up!

Note: Productivity and lifestyle apps are listed first. Games are stacked towards the bottom of each list.


iTeleport: VNC & RDP for $8.49 (normally $25.99) • Voice Ask for $0.99 (normally $2.99) • Vidify for free (normally $1.99) • Grafio - Diagrams & ideas for $7.49 (normally $9.49) • AppNet Rhino for free (new) • Instamail Photo for free (new) • Extreme Skater for free (iTunes App of the Week) • Reckless Racing 2 for free (normally $1.99) • Commander Pixman for $0.99 (normally $1.99) • Texas Poker VIP for $0.99 (normally $15.99) • Word Farm HD for $0.99 (normally $1.99) • Bear Aquarium for $0.99 (normally $5.49) • Depict for free (normally $0.99) • Jet Worm for free (normally $0.99) • Tangled for free (normally $0.99) • Hunters 2 for $0.99 (normally $5.49) • Pocket Ninjas for free (normally $0.99) • Tiny Rider for free (normally $1.99) • Super Mushrooms for free (normally $0.99) • Same Stars HD for free (normally $0.99) • European War 3 for $0.99 (normally $2.99) • Gold Miner - OL for $0.99 (normally $2.99)

iPad Only

PERFECT Web Browser for $1.99 (normally $4.49) • Clear Click HD for free (normally $1.99) • Bear Aquarium HD for free (normally $5.49) • Robber Rabbits! HD for free (normally $0.99) • European War 3 for iPad for $0.99 (normally $2.99)


Google Play ‘Great App Deals’ sale now on!VidTrim Pro - Video Editor for $1.37 (normally $2.84) • QuickDial for $1.29 (normally $3.99) • Enhanced Email for $4.83 (normally $9.99) • Magisto - Magical Video Editor for free (new) • Posing App for $0.99 (normally $1.99) • Flick Shoot Pro for $0.99 (normally $2) • Little Stars for Little Wars 2 for $0.97 (normally $1.99) • ★Sex Dice 3D★ Kamasutra for $0.99 (normally $2.49)

Windows Phone

Wikipedia for free (new) • Galaga Legions DX for $7.49 (new) • Parking Reminder for free (normally $0.99) • PhotoSafe for $0.99 (normally $2.49) • PhotoPatcher for free (normally $2.49) • Taipan for $1.99 (normally $2.99) • YoYo Flight! for free (normally $2.49)

App Deals is a daily roundup of notable new, updated and discounted apps. Know of any other awesome deals? Are you a developer and want your app listed here? Leave a comment or get in touch with Elly using the contact form on the right.



    Can we get an icon for essentially "pay2win" apps? Far too many free apps out there now that either require serious investment of time, or cold hard cash (and repeatedly) to get very far. CSR Racing was fun for a while, now in Tier 2, and without spending a TON of time or a lot of actual cash, I won't be going much further any time soon.

    Enjoying Simpsons Tapped Out, but it reminds me strongly of the Smurfs game - give us your cash and you can actually get somewhere in this game.

      Don't get me wrong - very informative list. Just as an example, the Extreme Skater, App of the Week, there's a TON of paid content, and a lot of that looks like pay2win.

        I don't know if I can do this in a way that doesn't take up too much time. I know a lot of these in-app purchases are a pain, but I guess we just stop playing when we want to stop paying. I try to only include apps that are really worth the time and money as much as possible, but it's not easy finding a balance that everyone can agree on.

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