An Entire House Full Of Transforming Furniture Would Be Amazing

Transforming furniture is amazing (this is well-documented, BTW), and when I saw transforming modules for every part of the home, I basically made a mess of myself. There's a couch that turns into a table and a desk. There's a kitchen that packs into a box. A desk that pops out of the wall. OMG. SO. GOOD.

But then our resident idiot Chris Mascari launched into a valid argument that I don't necessarily want to agree with, but must respect:

That stuff is so amazing in principle but would be the most uncomfortable atmosphere to live in.

Like, "hold on girl I need to pull my couch/lounge out of the wall" "hey can you pull this piece house and put it together with that other piece from the kitchen"...

..."oh no you pulled out the oven, put it back in and turn it off"...

..."did you leave the sink running when you closed it's cover, oh fuck my house is flooded thanks"...


The future is hard, man. [Boxetti via Design-Milk]

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